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0-1: Spinzone 101

The Koerbler PR firm is here to spin the loss against Indiana into a positive.

NCAA Football: Penn State at Indiana Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Well, Saturday’s game wasn’t fun, huh? Folks, I call that game “Thanksgiving at the in-laws” because it was 4.5 hours of torture and it left me feeling constipated. Ha. Just a little joke. Pretty good. You all can use that one if you want. Definitely good for a few chuckles.

Enough about my constipation though. Penn State football called up Koerbler PR Agency to spinzone the 0-1 start. Let’s get spinning.

Penn State Outgained Indiana

The Nittany Lions outgained Indiana 488 yards to the Hoosiers’ meager 211 yards. Now we all know, the winner in football is bestowed upon the team who scores the most “points” but why do we as a society just accept that? In my not biased opinion, yards tell a better story than these so-called “points.”

I’m not being a sore loser, but this was a fluke win for Indiana and we all know it. Want proof that I’m not being a sore loser? Ohio State fans said this exact same thing after they lost to Penn State in 2016 (outgained Penn State 413-276) and let me tell you something: Ohio State fans are NOT sore losers.

Clifford Looked Kind Of Okay After The Two Interceptions

Much of the talk yesterday was about how Sean Clifford didn’t play well. Of course, the first thing that pops up is the fact he threw two interceptions, which both led to points being scored for the Hoosiers. So let’s be honest: Cliff didn’t play well enough yesterday. The interceptions were killers, and if he plays a clean game, Penn State wins in regulation.

That being said, let’s give Clifford some credit for bouncing back after a tough start. Here’s his stat line up to the interceptions, and how he finished the game:

  • Started: 7-for-14, 1 TD, 2 INTs
  • Finished: 17-for-21, 2 TDs, 0 INTs

We need more of second half Clifford, and I have faith that we will see that moving forward. If you don’t have faith in Clifford, it’s good to see that you are a disloyal person who has no honor. Couldn’t be me.

The NCAA Is Going To Allow One-Time Transfers For All Players, And Coastal Carolina’s QB Grayson McCall And Liberty’s QB Malik Willis Could Want To Challenge Themselves At A Power Five School

Again: I have total faith in Sean Clifford. I am loyal to him and will never turn my back on him. I am just bringing up that the NCAA is going to allow one-time without penalty transfers for players, and Coastal Carolina’s Grayson McCall (6-foot-3, 200-pound redshirt freshman) and Liberty’s Malik Willis (6-foot-1, 215-pound redshirt junior; originally a transfer from Auburn) are both impressive.

They might decide to move up to a Power Five school. Hmm. Interesting. Just bringing this up to bring it up. No reason.

The Offensive Skills Positions Are Extremely Young

Devyn Ford, sophomore. Keyvone Lee, freshman. Caziah Holmes, freshman. Jahan Dotson, junior. Daniel George, sophomore. KeAndre Lambert-Smith, freshman. Parker Washington, freshman. Brenton Strange, freshman.

When the veteran of the group is a true junior in Jahan Dotson, that goes to show just how young the skill position talent is. Unfortunately, the schedule doesn’t really work to some green players working out the kinks, but this s a group that *should* get rapidly better as the season goes.

The Defense Played Mostly Good

I know people are upset with the defense for the last drive in regulation, and then the two two-point conversions, but here’s the thing: they played well enough for Penn State to win this game. Up until that last drive for the Hoosiers, they gave up 20 points to Indiana — seven of which were gifted after a Clifford interception set Indiana up at the four yard line.

“But, but, but, but they couldn’t make a series ending stop with the game on the line”

Really? Because they gave the Penn State offense the ball back with 1:42 seconds left. Three kneel downs and a throw away on 4th down gives Indiana *maybe* 15 seconds to gain 50 yards with no timeouts for the chance at a game-winning 52-yard field goal.

The defense did what it needed to do. They’ll have a heck of a test this coming Saturday, but Brent Pry once again has himself a real defense.

Noah Cain’s Injury Isn’t Career Threatening

Noah Cain left the first drive with a foot/ankle injury, and never returned to the game. He was pictured on the sideline with a boot on his left foot though. So, at the very least, they didn’t need to amputate it so he’ll probably play again at some point.

That’s all I got.

Jayson Oweh Didn’t Have A Sack, Should Drop Him To At Least The 4th Round In Mock Drafts


Devyn Ford Will Absolutely Take A Knee Next Time

You know how toddlers sometimes need to hurt themselves doing something stupid to learn not to do it again? Well, I am sure Devyn Ford will take a knee next time. Lesson learned.

Parker Washington Has The Clutch Gene

No catches throughout the game for the true frosh, to then come up with back-to-back receptions in overtime, with one being what should/could have been the game winning touchdown?

Clutch. Gene. Parker Washington>LeBron James

If Penn State Was Going To Beat Ohio State, It Was Going To Come After Some Stupid Stuff

The idea that Penn State will get over the Ohio State hurdle in this utopian scenario where they are 8-0, and they beat the Buckeyes in front of a 110,000+ Whiteout crowd is silly. As a people, we aren’t that fortunate to get to enjoy that.

In front of an empty stadium coming off a dreadful loss in a semi-meaningless season? That sounds more realistic.

This Season Doesn’t Really Matter Anyway, The Real Wins And Losses Are The Friends We Made Along The Way


There Were Multiple Reasons Penn State Lost, But Most Them Were Actually Out Of Character

The Devyn Ford knee is obviously the headliner, but two missed field goals (one being a 25 yarder), losing the turnover battle (3-2), and penalties (100 yards) were just as legitimate factors in Penn State being in the position it was in yesterday. For as much as people like to chide James Franklin as a bad game day coach, all those mistakes are abnormal for Franklin-led teams.

  • Since 2014, Penn State has finished the year with a positive turnover margin in four of the six seasons.
  • Jake Pinegar missed one field goal last season (11-12). He missed two yesterday.
  • Penn State has finished in the top half of the Big Ten in least amount of penalty yardage every single season James Franklin has been here. Top five finishes in four of the six seasons, with two No. 2 finishes coming in 2015 and 2017.

Penn State was not very Penn State on Saturday. If Penn State gets back to being Penn State, there are a lot of winnable games on the schedule. Just gotta be Penn State.