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Redshirt Report: 2020 Version

Running backs and wide receivers, folks.

Penn State v Indiana Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The redshirt report is back, but because it’s 2020, there is a twist: none of this matters. The NCAA announced in the summer that the 2020 season wouldn’t count towards a player’s eligibility, so in reality, all of these guys will be redshirt freshmen next season.

Still, it’s nice to keep track of which freshmen are separating themselves from the pack. I don’t expect James Franklin and his staff to deviate too much from their plans in the past when it comes to playing freshmen, so I think like previous seasons, you’ll still see around the same amount of true freshmen play more than four games.

0 Games Played

  • QB Micah Bowens
  • WR Jaden Dottin
  • WR Malick Meiga
  • TE Theo Johnson
  • TE Tyler Warren
  • OT Jimmy Christ
  • OT Olu Fashanu
  • OT Ibrahim Traore
  • OG Golden Israel-Achumba
  • OG Nicolas Dawkins
  • DE Bryce Mostella
  • DT Cole Brevard
  • DT Coziah Izzard
  • DT Amin Vanover
  • DT Fatorma Mulbah
  • LB Zuriah Fisher
  • LB Tyler Elsdon
  • S Enzo Jennings
  • CB Joseph Johnson III

1 Game Played

  • RB Keyvone Lee
  • RB Caziah Holmes
  • WR Parker Washington
  • WR KeAndre Lambert-Smith
  • LB Curtis Jacobs

Some thoughts.

  • Because they are JUCOs and not freshmen, I’m not including WR Norval Black or safety J’Ayir Brown on this list. It should be said though that Brown saw a lot of snaps as the third safety, while Black (as expected) is likely headed for a legitimate redshirt year.
  • For the players with 0 games, I’d keep an eye on safety Enzo Jennings and linebacker Tyler Elsdon. Jennings was a pretty highly-touted safety who enrolled early so him getting some runs with the special teams at some point wouldn’t be surprising. Similarly, you could see the Elsdon on the special teams unit as well.
  • Speaking of linebackers, Curtis Jacobs played in his first collegiate game, although I believe it was just special teams snaps. With the depth at outside linebacker though, the former five-star Jacobs is someone who could crack the rotation by season’s end.
  • I liked what we saw from the frosh wideouts on Saturday. Both Parker Washington and KeAndre Lambert-Smith ended the game with two receptions each, with one of Washington’s hauls being a touchdown. I know a lot of the offseason talk was about Washington, but Lambert-Smith is the one that intrigues me the most. He’s still a bit too slender, but a nice build with a lanky, athletic frame for a 6-foot-1 kid. Wouldn’t mind taking some shots deep with him.
  • Keyvone Lee was the most effective running back on Saturday, running for 35 yards on just six carries. Throwback Penn State running back for sure — 6’0, 230 pounds, no gloves, doesn’t go down on first contact. No. 24 might be too flashy for him. Someone get him like No. 44. Don’t want more Lee on Saturday, I need more Lee.