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Midweek Musings - How Does the Offense Look to You?

Besides wanting more points n’at

Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

We finally have our first taste of what a Kirk Ciarrocca-led offense looks like at Penn State, and I have some thoughts on it.

The very first word that comes to mind is boring.

But that’s very likely unfair. 488 yards and over 40 minutes in time of possession. 27 first downs and 69% completion rating through the air.

Maybe a better word is efficient? Mind numbingly efficient?

I don’t recall very many splash plays aside from Dotson’s touchdown grab, and Cliff’s touchdown run. I also don’t recall very many negative plays.

The offense was just sort of there, and yet at the end of the day had a remarkable output - points aside.

Penalties, turnovers, special teams issues, etc. come and go, ebb and flow. Literally one fewer of any of them and PSU wins, and the point total is most likely higher than it was.

What do you think of the offense? I was left feeling whelmed, I guess. If every drive takes 8 minutes off the clock and ends in a touchdown, who am I to complain? The defense gets to rest, and the offense can slowly impose its will on opposing defenses.

So long as those super long drives actually end in points.