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BSD Mailbag: 10.9.20

Kent State Golden Flashes v Penn State Nittany Lions 9-21-2013

“John Dunmore is withdrawn from PSU. How much of an ‘Ouch’?”

I won’t begin to pretend I know Dunmore’s reasoning for withdrawing from Penn State, but I imagine if he was pushing for a starting role or major playing time this fall, he wouldn’t have withdrawn. So in that sense, I don’t think it’s a big ouch for the 2020 season.

But in the grand scheme of things, you don’t want to lose former four-star Florida prospects that are only heading into their second season with the program. Dunmore came into Happy Valley pretty physically underdeveloped so I’d like to see what he can become once he matures physically. Hopefully, this is truly just a semester off, and Penn State can work things out with Dunmore.

“If you would win the lottery, would you?

  1. Buy a luxury suite at Beaver Stadium and invite all your BSD friends.
  2. Buy nice 50 yard line seats and travel to some away games and bowl games.
  3. Donate enough to PSU football so you can influence Franklin and make him install an offense with a Fullback.
  4. Quit watching football altogether because you’re happy now and want to rid yourself of all forms of stress.
  5. Devote all your free time to trolling Buckeye sites because, OSU SUCKS!

Or, any other fun or devious things”

50 yard line tickets over the suite seats, and it ain’t close. First and foremost, I don’t have enough friends to entertain in a suite. And secondly, even if I won the lottery, I’d still want to be a man among the people. Pack me in like a sardine on the 50 yard line. I need the defense to be able to hear me when I yell “GET OFF THE FIELD” on third and long.

Although I will say, option No. 4 sounds pretty sweet. Maybe I’d get into yachting or something.

“How panicked should we be over our horrible recruiting ranking for 2021...really?”

Here’s the thing: the class itself doesn’t stink. I look at the 13 commits and I don’t think, “Man, some of these guys aren’t Penn State-level.” They are all good players — even some of the lower-ranked prospects. Liam Clifford and Rodney McGraw in particular are two guys who I think could very realistically out-do their meager ranking.

Here’s the other thing: there were way too many misses. And sure, it was always going to be a smaller class in the 18-21 range. But man, I didn’t think Penn State would go o-for on Nolan Rucci, Kelvin Gilliam, De’Jahn Warren, Kaden Prather, and Elijah Jeudy. If you would have told me that back in early December, I would have assumed James Franklin took a job in Los Angeles.

Bottom line: it’s a solid class, but man, they are lucky this was projected to be a small class. On the positive side of things, it seems like they’ve adjusted to whatever the problem was: Penn State is rolling in 2022 like we haven’t seen since the 2018 class.

“What’s the next step for Bill O’Brien?”

He’ll get another head coaching job in the NFL — most likely this offseason. He clearly shouldn’t have personnel control, but he’s an above-average coach so I am sure that he’ll have multiple options this winter/spring. I mean, Adam Gase landed a job immediately after his three-year stint with the Dolphins. O’Brien isn’t perfect, but he won 9 games in 5 of his 6 seasons — he’s going to be sought after.

As an aside, I hope O’Brien comes back in 2027 when we celebrate the 2012 team. I know he didn’t leave Penn State on the best of terms, but time heals all wounds. Would be great to see him back in Beaver Stadium with the rest of the fighters.