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Long Snapper Chris Stoll Awarded a Scholarship

Well-deserved, indeed.

NCAA Football: Penn State at Iowa
That’s Chris Stoll clutching the football.
Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

The role of long snapper is a position that is typically overlooked, only being in the spotlight when a snap sails over a punter’s head, or the snap is too low for the holder to set the ball up for the kicker on a field goal attempt. Chris Stoll was the starting long snapper last year for Penn State, doing a solid job of making sure Blake Gillikin, Jake Pinegar, or Jordan Stout was able to do their thing.

Entering into his second season as the starter on the heels of a solid 2019, the football team announced through their Twitter account that Mr. Stoll has deservedly earned the title of scholarship athlete. Dan Chisena did the honors of revealing the surprise, replete with Zoom reactions from James Franklin and other players. Check out the video for yourself, below.

Congrats Chris, and keep doing your thing!