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Oh, Goodbye: New Jersey Power Forward TaQuan Woodley Decommits from Penn State

The effects of Pat Chambers leaving are starting to be felt.

NCAA Basketball: Wake Forest at Penn State Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The news of Pat Chambers resigning from his post would eventually lead to some players leaving; the question was who will be the first one? Well, the answer turns out to be a recruit at a position of need in TaQuan Woodley.

While Woodley is still considering Penn State, the likelihood of recommitment is usually pretty low in college basketball. This means the Nittany Lions will need to fill this position either with another recruit or a key transfer once the season ends.

Complicating matters, of course, is the fact that we don’t yet know who the permanent coach will be. Jim Ferry is the interim coach for the season, and given the timing of the coaching change, we may not know if Ferry will become the permanent coach or someone else will take over for him. We are unlikely to know this until the season ends, either.

Barring Sandy Barbour already having someone picked to succeed Pat Chambers, this is Ferry’s audition for the permanent gig. Regardless, the staff has to ensure they not only keep the two remaining commitments in the fold, they have to ensure no other current player leaves the team. And of course, they have to hope the team performs well above expectations this season, otherwise we’re looking at a total rebuild starting next year.

Penn State’s season will start in a little over three weeks, opponent yet to be known.