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Penn State Depth Chart Week 4: Nebraska

Once more unto the breach.

NCAA Football: Maryland at Penn State Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Ok, while I understand everyone is deflated after Saturday, but if you came to glance at the depth chart looking for wholesale changes you should know by now that you won’t find them. That does not mean changes are not in store, just that you will not see it reflected with the depth chart release. There are, in fact, no changes whatsoever on this week’s depth chart. None. What does it all mean? Nothing in particular. There are plenty of reasons for the disappointing results on the field, but change for change’s sake is not necessarily the solution. I do expect we will see a few things that we have yet to see this season on Saturday, first and foremost, hopefully a victory. All that said, just making it through this season without an outbreak within the team has always been the primary goal, something increasingly difficult to picture with current trends.