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Nebraska 30, Penn State 23: What Twitter Had to Say

Not good, Bob!

NCAA Football: Penn State at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Well, if there’s one thing Penn State football has been consistent with this season it’s the countless #hottakes on Twitter during the game. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

After Nebraska easily marched downfield for a touchdown on their opening drive, #PSUTwitter was already preparing for the worst.

Then, Sean Clifford threw an interception on what was shaping up to be a promising opening drive for Penn State and the takes really began to flow.

This was followed by a collective groan when Cliff was trotted back out on the next series, best summed up by this tweet.

Missing a wide-open tight end in the end zone was peak 2020 for this offense.

Anyone know a good divorce attorney?

You know it’s bad when one of your recruiting commits (2022 DE Ken Talley) is saying things like this

And here’s some reactions when the bottom completely fell out with Cliff’s sack and fumble which led to a scoop-and-score for Nebraska.

Hey, why not throw in a little election-related humor into all of this, while we’re at it?

This probably summed up a lot of fans’ feelings.

Alas, just when you thought this game was over at halftime, Will Levis came into the game and lit a spark for the offense.

But, the red zone struggles prevented PSU from completing the comeback.

And here’s a couple post-game tweets that will surely make you feel good going forward.