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MMQB - You Can’t Be Disappointed if you Have No Expectations

The bar is the floor

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

In the first 3 games of the season, I predicted Penn State would beat Indiana, lose to OSU, and beat Maryland.

They went 0-3, so I, being a superstitious individual, changed tack, and said instead that the Lions would lose to Nebraska.

They went 0-1.

So what now? If I have expectations they lose, and if I try to reverse psychology things up, they lose.

The secret is not to care at all. To attain a zen-like state, wherein the physical world is merely an illusion, and expectations don’t exist. Only then can you let go of paltry things like wins and losses, and accept the true nature of the universe.

In reality, though, I really did have very low expectations going into the game Saturday against Nebraska. I predicted they’d let Nebraska get out to a multi-score lead (they did), then do better in the second half (they did), but it wouldn’t be enough (it wasn’t).

The look on my face, to be as succinct as possible, was most reminiscent of Robin Hood, watching his merry men struggle in their training to defeat the evil Sheriff of Nottingham.

At this point, the bar is literally the floor. Any positive steps at this point, win or lose, will be scrutinized. For me, at least, I’m not going to get hung up on wins and losses (though I wouldn’t mind some of the former). Rather, I’m going to see how the coaching staff responds, how the players come together (or don’t). I’d like to continue to see younger players get a chance on a season that is at this point, all but a formality.

Here’s hoping I don’t trip over that bar.