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Big Ten Power Rankings - Week 4

The more things change the more they stay the same

Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

More of the same this week, to be honest.

1. Ohio State

The OSU-Maryland game was canceled thanks to a COVID-19 outbreak among the Maryland roster. Count that as a win for the Terrapins?

2. Wisconsin

Speaking of COVID, Wisconsin got smacked by it after week 1, and just played their second game this week. But any rust was quickly knocked loose, as the Badgers smacked Michigan around 49-11.

3. Indiana

A rather dull game saw the Hoosiers shutout the Spartans 24-0. What could be a fun game against Ohio State is up next for supremacy in the East!

4. Northwestern

The Wildcats pulled out a 27-20 win over Purdue, and hold onto the #2 spot in the West, but they’ve got company right on their heels.

5. Iowa

The Hawkeyes unloaded on Minnesota, winning 35-7 in a game that wasn’t as close as the score would indicate. This does not bode well for Penn State.

6. Purdue

The Boilermakers lost, but at least were competitive in doing so.

7. Maryland

The Terrapins managed to avoid OSU this year by contracting a literal plague, and it’s sad that between OSU and a plague, the plague is preferable.

8. Nebraska

The Cornhuskers got out to a big lead over Penn State, then held on to win 30-23. Not much else to say about this one that hasn’t been said already.

9. Minnesota

This was a beatdown at the hands of Iowa, and were it not for some worse teams below them, may have pushed the Gophers into the bottom 2-3 in the league.

10. Michigan

It’s weird seeing Michigan hang out in the same spot after getting pantsed by Wisconsin, but the thing is, everyone else down in this echelon is bad. How do you differentiate between badness?

11. Penn State

Speaking of badness. Penn State once again spotted an opponent a double digit lead, then tried to get back into the game. They actually came close! Were it not for some confusing playcalling in the red zone, they may have overcome their errors. Alas.

12. Illinois

The Illini took down Rutgers 23-20 on a last second field goal, hoisting them out of the basement. I still think Penn State is better than the bottom three teams, but luckily we’ll get to see for ourselves, since the Lions have to play two of the three still!

13. Rutgers

A solid game against Illinois, but ultimately not enough offense. The race to the bottom of the East is on.

14. Michigan State

Congratulations MSU! You are the weakest link!

Despite some big wins, the graph hasn’t changed all that much this week:

The Buckeyes, Badgers, Hoosiers, and Wildcats all stay static at the top. Iowa and Purdue flip flop, while Maryland and Nebraska slide up a bit. Minnesota tumbles, and Michigan and Penn State are saved by the relative badness of the teams below them. Illinois climbs out of the cellar, and Rutgers trends the wrong way.

Michigan State.

On to Week 5!