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Big Ten Power Rankings - Week 2

Yeah yeah, we know who #1 is

Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Another week in the books, and the shakeups continue. Let’s see how things stand after 2 weeks of action.

1. Ohio State

The Buckeyes got off to a strong start, then coasted to an easy 13-point win over PSU. They probably won’t be tested again until the playoffs.

2. Wisconsin

The Badgers got hit with the COVID bug, and thus their game against Nebraska was canceled. With no further data to go off, I’ll leave them at #2.

3. Penn State

That’s right, PSU lost 38-25 and I’m moving them UP the ladder. Besides the playoffs (and mayyyyybe Wisconsin), I don’t see anyone else keeping pace with the Buckeyes in the conference. Still, 0-2 is 0-2, it’s time for PSU to get in the win column, or risk dropping in these rankings.

4. Michigan

It’s tough putting together these rankings, because I need to look at how a team has played already, but also how they’ll play in the future. Michigan laid an egg against Michigan State, losing 27-24 to a team that lost to Rutgers, and so they fall. But would you honestly say they’re much worse than 4th in the conference overall?

5. Purdue

The Boilermakers had a workaday win over Illinois, 31-24. Not enough to really break into the top 4.

6. Indiana

If PSU can’t beat the Buckeyes, I am all in on Indiana doing so. They struggled a bit with the new-look Scarlet Knights, ultimately winning 37-21. Still, let’s see how much havoc the Hoosiers can create.

7. Northwestern

The Wildcats are 2-0 and are tied for first in the West after a 21-20 win over Iowa. Again, now that this season is basically kaput for the Lions, give me some chaos!

8. Nebraska

The Cornhuskers had their game against Wisconsin canceled, and so remain unbeaten on the year. Task failed successfully?

9. Iowa

A possible dark horse contender in the West is now 0-2, not great!

10. Minnesota

Speaking of not great, Minnesota fell off a cliff after their 2019 campaign. Despite returning most of their team, the Gophers are now 0-2, having lost to basement-dweller Maryland 45-44 in overtime.

11. Michigan State

If there’s one thing I know about football, it’s that you have to throw out the record books when it comes to rivalry games. Somehow, some way, MSU took down Michigan 27-24, a week after losing to Rutgers. What a world we live in!

12. Maryland

With their surprising win over Minnesota, Maryland climbs out of the cellar. The game against PSU will be an interesting one to watch.

13. Rutgers

The Scarlet Knights looked competitive against a solid Indiana team, ultimately succumbing 37-21. They avoid the basement, but trend back in that direction after their season-opening win.

14. Illinois

Congratulations Illinois! You are the weakest link!

Despite some shuffling, the relative tiers seem more or less stable:

OSU stays on top, while Wisconsin idles in second. Penn State rises despite their loss, while Michigan dips back to fourth. Purdue didn’t wow in their win, so they stay at #5. Indiana and Northwestern continue to rise, while Nebraska moves up on a bye. Iowa and Minnesota have lost their luster and drop. Michigan State tries to climb out of the bottom tier, and Maryland rises from the ashes of the basement. Rutgers drops back down a bit with their loss.


On to Week 3!