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The B1G Preview: Top Ten Showdown In Columbus

This is exactly what we all expected when the season started.

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Indiana Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Big Week is here! On Saturday, Ohio State will find out if forcing us all to endure this season was worth it for them. They face an Indiana team currently in the top 10, with wins against Penn State, Michigan State, and Michigan already in the bag. If the Hoosiers are able to beat the Buckeyes on Saturday, this would be the first time, ever, that they would have beaten all four of those programs in a single season.

Can’t wait to see it happen. Onto the games!

Purdue (2-1 Big Ten) at Minnesota (1-3 Big Ten)

7:00 PM Eastern (Friday), BTN
Purdue -2

Is it me, or is Minnesota playing on Friday nights exclusively? This is the third Friday night game already, and we’re only halfway into the season. Speaking of Minnesota, hopefully they can get their offense in order, because Purdue can score in a hurry.

Should You Watch? Yes.
Prediction: Purdue 30, Minnesota 21

No. 9 Indiana (4-0) at No. 3 Ohio State (3-0)

Noon Eastern, Fox
Ohio State -20.5

This is it friends! The moment we’ve all been waiting for? Can Indiana ruin Ohio State’s season? Can Penn State fans get the joy of Ohio State forcing us to play this god forsaken season for zero rewards? Given the line, the answer is likely a resounding no, but we’ll at least get to see how for reel Indiana really is, as every team they’ve played so far has a losing record.

Should You Watch? Outside the Big Ten Championship game, this is the biggest game of the season in the conference.
Prediction: Ohio State 48, Indiana 38

Illinois (1-3) at Nebraska (1-2)

Noon Eastern, BTN
Nebraska -15.5

The Huskers got their first win of the season against our very own Nittany Lions last week, and they look to make it two in a row against an Illinois team that themselves got their first win of the season. That line seems deceiving, but if the Illinois’s pattern continues, they’re due for a beating after having done well in their last game.

Should You Watch? No. Why? No.
Prediction: Nebraska 31, Illinois 24

Michigan State (1-3) at Maryland (2-1)

3:30 PM Eastern, BTN
Maryland -10

Just kidding covid!

No. 10 Wisconsin (2-0) at No. 19 Northwestern (4-0)

3:30 PM Eastern, ABC
Wisconsin -7.5

Northwestern did that thing where they came out of nowhere and had a quality team. Elating for Wildcat nation, depressing for the rest of us. This game will likely decide who gets their face bashed in by Ohio State in a couple of weeks.

Should You Watch? No, you have other obligations. Also why would you ever watch Northwestern play?
Prediction: Wisconsin 37, Northwestern 14

Michigan (1-3) at Rutgers (1-3)

7:30 PM Eastern, BTN
Michigan -10.5

You know what the most upsetting part of this season is? Penn State will likely beat both of these teams (yeah yeah they’re going 0-9 whatever), but for the next couple of weeks, one of these teams will be two whole wins ahead of the Nittany Lions in the standings. **** this season!

Should You Watch? Who doesn’t want to watch Michigan lose to Rutgers?
Prediction: Rutgers 27, Michigan 17

...and of course, our very own.

Iowa (2-2) at Penn State (0-4)

3:30 PM Eastern, BTN
Iowa -3

The Lions nearly stopped the bleeding last week, but they couldn’t score in two trips to the redzone late in the game to send it to overtime. Will it be more of the same this week? Will the Lions find themselves in an insurmountable hole in the first half, only to come roaring back in the second to no avail, or will they start Will Levis instead?

Should You Watch? Just the second half though. We all know the first will be a ****show.
Prediction: Penn State 56, Iowa 17