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Penn State vs. Iowa: Prediction Roundtable

Can Penn State avoid dropping to 0-5?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 27 Holiday Bowl - USC v Iowa Photo by Chris Williams/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images


Even after the overdue change at quarterback, I still have no confidence in Penn State’s ability to win a football game. Until they give me a reason to, not going to pick them to win a game.
Iowa- 27, Penn State- 21


It’s going to come down to whether Will Levis can be a poised, accurate passer in the pocket. You know damn well Iowa is going to stack the box to take away the run and force Levis to beat them with his arm. Will it work? Ehh, probably. But, this is why they play the games on the field and not on a computer.

Iowa- 6, Penn State- 4

Chris L.

At this point, it’s a big ol’ shrug salad. Can the team rally and play for each other? Can they overcome a bunch of “what ifs” and just go have fun the rest of the way? I will say, the game against Nebraska FELT more fun when Levis came in. It’s entirely possible that had something to do with me no longer caring about the outcome of the game, but the team just FELT more energized from that point forward. Here’s hoping that trend continues, but until I see Penn State actually win a game, I won’t predict them doing so ahead of time.

Iowa 28, Penn State 21


I simply think it’s a bad matchup for Penn State. If the defense struggles tackling again, Iowa is going to run all over them all day. The offense cannot afford to give Iowa extra possessions, and while I think Levis will be an improvement overall over Clifford, I’m not sure he’ll be able to do enough against a tough Iowa defense.

Iowa-23, Penn State- 16


Iowa’s a bland team. I give Penn State more of a chance against a bland team than a complex one, but I don’t think this week is the week where they get over the hump...yet.

Iowa 28, Penn State 21


You know what you’re getting when preparing for a Kirk Ferentz-led Iowa squad. They will play tough, smart football and never beat themselves. They will keep opponents from getting into a rhythm, and then seize the opportunity when it presents itself. And while they may not have an overwhelming depth of talent, they certainly have a handful of playmakers who can make a difference in those key moments.

Unfortunately, this seems to make Iowa the wrong opponent at the wrong team for this Nittany Lions squad. The weaknesses that have led to the completely unimaginable 0-4 start play right into the strengths of the Hawkeyes, who suddenly look like they’re ready to challenge for the Big Ten West crown.

Penn State plays a cleaner game, but mistakes ultimately doom them once again against a team that doesn’t beat itself.

Pat Freiermuth has another big day with 90 receiving yards and a touchdown, while Caziah Holmes has his best day as a Nittany Lion with 80 yards rushing and a score. On defense, Antonio Shelton produces a sack and 2.5 TFLs, and Joey Porter Jr. gets his first career interception. Ultimately, the Nittany Lions come up short yet again.

Iowa-28, Penn State-20