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Wrestling Open Thread: NLWC Freestyle Event #3: November

Cael Sanderson’s new model of bringing his athletes to the people is scheduled for Event #3.

Cael Sanderson, here coaching Jake Varner in 2015, has since brought Varner into the Penn State Coaching Tree, and Varner is now the Head Coach of the Nittany Lion Wrestling Club.
Tony Rotundo/WrestlersAreWarriors

NLWC Freestyle Event #1 in September was fun.

NLWC Freestyle Event #2 in October was fun.

What are the chances we’ll have fun watching and talking NLWC Freestyle Event #3 on this November night?

I’d say good to pretty good to LETSSSGOOOOO!!!

Fire Matchups

Fire Matchups

Here’s hoping we hear some weigh-in weights from the dulcet tones of Jeff Byers on the mic tonight. Also, bonus! With usual partner David Taylor on the mats tonight, Vincenzo Joseph will tag in on the mic. Can’t wait to hear some Cenzo stories! Additionally, Cael just announced that newly-freed wrestling pundit Willie Saylor will be the emcee.

How to Watch

Rokfin Video Stream Link ($):

To get access to this premium content, you must subscribe with a credit card, to a particular channel on the Rokfin platform. I used the NLWC’s page, and I found this part easy and straightforward. I also appreciate that the $9.99 fee is only charged monthly, an option that conveys to me an interest by the company in assuring customer’s have flexibility.

Rokfin cancellation looks easy to find (two clicks, into account settings) and not difficult to execute as well (but I haven’t tested it yet).

Rokfin’s cancellation page, in account settings.