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This Would Normally Be The Last Big Ten Preview Of The Season

Nebraska/Iowa is still on Black Friday, though.

NCAA Football: Iowa at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Normally, this is where I, or whoever gets assigned this piece during the season, says something about how great the season was, how Penn State lost two games, thus making themselves ineligible for the playoff, and how Wisconsin is about to get Ohio State’s foot six feet up its *** in another week. Yet, here we are. There are still three grueling weeks to go, and the search for the Nittany Lions’ first win continues. It would be awesome, however, if it came against Michigan.

Nebraska (1-3 Big Ten) at Iowa (3-2 Big Ten)

1:00 PM Eastern (Black Friday), Fox
Just take Iowa they’re going to win by 2 million

Nebraska’s only win of the season game against Penn State, the team who doesn’t seem to realize you’re supposed to avoid the spread. The Huskers followed their monumental win by letting Illinois do whatever it is they did last week. And now they face an Iowa team that actually figured out their kinks in the first two weeks of the season, and is now firing on all cylinders.

Should You Watch? Yes. Watching other teams’ misery is all we have left now.
Prediction: Iowa 38, Nebraska 17

No. 3 Ohio State (4-0) at Illinois (2-3)

Noon Eastern, FS1
Just take Ohio State they’re going to win by 2 million

Indiana almost did it! But, as is life, Ohio State prevailed. Because life is suffering. And that wasn’t even the most disappointing result of the week. Illinois played quite well against Nebraska last week, but expecting them to keep pace with Ohio State is just too tall a task right now.

Wait where was Wisconsin ranked last season when they played Illinois?

Should You Watch? Maybe after Penn State gets behind double digits and you know for sure that the fake comeback they’re going to make will come short?
Prediction: Ohio State 63, Illinois 21

Maryland (2-1) at No. 12 Indiana (4-1)

Noon Eastern, ESPN2
Indiana -12

Maryland comes out of its two-week slumber to face an Indiana team that gave Ohio State everything it had. Once again folks, misery is all we have left, so here’s to a thorough Indiana victory!

Should You Watch? You know what? Don’t watch Ohio State watch this.
Prediction: Indiana 45, Maryland 35

Minnesota (2-3) at No. 16 Wisconsin (2-1)

3:30 PM Eastern, BTN
Wisconsin -13

Just kidding covid!

P.S.: I’d say something about karma for all those times Wisconsin made championship games they didn’t earn, but Penn State’s 0-5 so maybe this is not the season to be talking trash. Still, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA MINNESOTA KNOCKED YOU OUT OF THE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!

No. 8 Northwestern (5-0) at Michigan State (1-3)

3:30 PM Eastern, ESPN2
Northwestern -13.5

Someone kill me.

Should You Watch? No, don’t give them the pleasure.
Prediction: Michigan State 17, Northwestern 10

Rutgers (1-4) at Purdue (2-2)

4:00 PM Eastern, FS1
Purdue -11

This could be a sneaky good game! Purdue got jobbed last week, Rutgers nearly beat Michigan for the second time as a Big Ten member, and both teams seem to be able to score the ball nearly at will!

Should You Watch? Rutgers you had ONE JOB!
Prediction: Rutgers 35, Purdue 31

...and of course, our very own.

Penn State (0-5) at Michigan (2-3)

Noon Eastern, ABC
Michigan -2

Penn State thought it had figured out its quarterback problem two weeks ago, but it turned out not to be the case. Can the same be said for Michigan? They made a change that sparked a complete comeback against Rutgers, and more likely than not, the change will stick. Will it bring more fortune for the Wolverines, or will James Franklin get his first win in Michigan Stadium or whatever it’s called?

Should You Watch? Do we have to?
Prediction: Penn State 56, Michigan 17