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Penn State vs. Michigan: Prediction Roundtable

Who ya got?

Michigan v Penn State Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images


Michigan still plays like they give somewhat of a damn and seems to have found a QB, whereas Penn State clearly hasn’t had any damns left to give ever since losing to Ohio State and doesn’t appear to have found a QB.

Michigan 42, Penn State 17

Chris L.

The sheer magnitude of this team’s issues come to light against a not great, but similarly wounded Michigan team. Yet another early hole, and the season completely unravels.

Michigan 42, Penn State 14


Neither team knows who their QB is, both fan based want their defensive coordinators fired, and these are probably the two most disappointing teams in the country. Who knows what will happen.

Michigan 31, Penn State 27


Michigan is bad. Penn State is also not playing well this year. As much as I would love to pick the Nittany Lions in this one, I still haven’t seen enough from either side of the ball over the course of all 60 minutes to select the good guys. Closer but not close enough.

Michigan 28, Penn State 24.


(from the Big Ten Preview)

Penn State thought it had figured out its quarterback problem two weeks ago, but it turned out not to be the case. Can the same be said for Michigan? They made a change that sparked a complete comeback against Rutgers, and more likely than not, the change will stick. Will it bring more fortune for the Wolverines, or will James Franklin get his first win in Michigan Stadium or whatever it’s called?

Penn State 56, Michigan 17


(from the game preview)

I just can’t believe we have gotten here. So many of the things I’ve written above seems like it came out of a bad dream that you would have laughed off, never expecting it to come true. It’s completely unfathomable that Penn State would be 0-5 for the first time in program history, while Michigan sits at 2-3 after eking out a triple-overtime victory against Rutgers.

Just unfathomable.

I see this game going one of two ways - an uneventful slog where one team does just enough to end up victorious, or a bonkers, back-and-forth affair with wild momentum swings throughout. At least it would be an entertaining escape for three hours, but my best guess is we see the former in a game similar to the completely forgettable (well, outside of the phantom false start that cost Penn State a successful onside kick) 2015 contest between these two squads.

It’s nearly impossible to put any confidence in either team at the moment, but I will go with Michigan simply because they are at least coming off a win and may have some extra juice in practice this week. In an absolute pillow fight, Michigan is better by a couple feathers.

As you can gather from my score prediction, I’m not expecting much offense but will go with Theo Johnson getting his first of many touchdown receptions as a Nittany Lion, while Shaka Toney adds to his NFL audition reel with two sacks.

Another week, another search for answers.

Michigan 20, Penn State 17