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Interview with Frenemies: Michigan Wolverines

Does anyone actually want to watch this game?

NCAA Football: Michigan at Rutgers Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Another week of the 2020 college football season is here which means we get to find out if Penn St is actually this bad or not.

That being said, we quickly caught up with Anthony Broome of to learn more about the Wolverines.

1) Obviously, entering the season, this is how neither team expected this season to go. Penn State fans are getting quickly restless with the current state of the program. That being said, how are Michigan fans reacting to this season and what is the general feeling going into this weekend’s game?

— We are nearing the point of where the majority of fans want Jim Harbaugh to move on as opposed to the defenders saying he deserves more time. COVID season or not, there are things happening on the field that just should not be in year six of a regime. It’s really difficult to wrap your head around. Even if they win every game the next few weeks, nobody is going to feel good about the Ohio State game and that is ultimately what they are judged by.

2) Michigan appears to have a quarterback battle brewing after Cade McNamara’s terrific performance against Rutgers. In a brief summary, what does each quarterback bring to Michigan’s offense and who do you expect to get most, if not all the playing time on Saturday?

There’s no battle anymore. Cade McNamara is the guy and is expected to start on Saturday. Whereas Joe Milton has a ton of talent and traits that were hoped to be molded into a star passer, he just is not there yet, but was far from the biggest problem. The easiest variable to switch out was at QB, where McNamara takes what the defense gives him and plays within the system.

3) The Michigan defense like Penn State’s defense has been a huge part of their struggles this season. What has gone wrong there with Don Brown’s defense this year and how can Penn State look to beat them on Saturday?

Opt outs and injuries have hurt, but the way they have been coached has been exposed by just about everyone in the Big Ten to this point. The defensive backs get grabby when beaten and their technique breaks down and the pass rush has had a rough time getting home. It’s been a symbiotic, systemic failure.

4) When Michigan’s offense does have success moving the ball, what has been the root of their success? Likewise, what has been the root of most of their struggles?

Their success or lack thereof on offense comes from the run game. When it is humming, everything seems to work for Michigan. The problem is that the offensive line is still relatively green and the playcalling has been suspect throughout the year. When teams stop the run, everything breaks down.

5) What’s your prediction for the game? How do you see it playing out? Is there any way both teams could actually lose?

I think this will be a tight contest, but I do see Michigan winning 28-27. Both teams have already lost by having whatever they put onto the field broadcast before a national audience on Saturday. It’s going to be pretty hard to justify a loss in this one whoever winds up being the victim.