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MMQB - The Inconsistency is Maddening

Just pick something, wouldja?

Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Through three games, Penn State is winless. It’s not a very fun place to be, but what I find the most difficult to accept is the inconsistency from the team.

Game one, the defense was solid - until the last 2 minutes and overtime, when they suddenly looked awful. The offense was plodding (née efficient), which was surely a sign of good things to come, right?

Game two, the defense was atrocious in the first two drives, then suddenly was okay - that is, until any time Ohio State wanted to move the ball and score. The offense was more of the same, I guess, plodding, no holes for the RBs, little time for the QB.

Game three, and the defense is just straight bad. The offense can’t move the ball, the QB is less a precision rifle and more a shotgun, spraying the ball any which way.

But it’s the random glimpses of goodness - the deep TD pass to Dotson against Indiana, the rally against Ohio State - that make this even more frustrating.

If Penn State were just a bad team all around this year, that’d be one thing. It’d be head scratching, because they have talent, but at least they’d be consistent. Instead, we get the defense tightening up and forcing third and long, only to let the other team convert time and again. We get the offense that plods and looks lost, then suddenly performs a quick strike score.

Just pick one guys - either be good or be bad, but don’t give me hope only to dash it a moment later.