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Penn State Depth Chart Week 7: Rutgers

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The fight for .500 is on.

NCAA Football: Penn State at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the Nittany Lions are finally off the schneid and if they can play all their remaining games (and a bowl), a non-losing season remains possible.

There are not many changes in store on the depth chart for Rutgers. Sean Clifford has reassumed the top line at quarterback. Tyler Warren sneaks on the depth chart this week as the fourth tight end and Des Holmes moves into the backup left tackle spot on offense.

On defense, Enzo Jennings replaces Trent Gordon, who entered the transfer portal this past week, as the number three in one of the safety positions. For as many changes that we’ve seen on the field in some of the games, the depth charts for this season have been largely consistent week-to-week. It is a bit surprising without the benefit of the warm up out-of-conference games to open the year, that the coaches had their lineups for the season generally settled, save for injuries.