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Penn State Depth Chart Week 9: Illinois

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The march for .500 continues

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Penn State Matthew OHaren-USA TODAY Sports

For the third straight week the coaches have dropped the same depth chart. No changes. Why mess with somethings that works?

While you may be disappointed with their opponent this week, when a more attractive game against Wisconsin or Minnesota would have been the option in the envisioned concept of this weekend’s games, don’t overlook the opportunities the Illini present. The Nittany Lions need to continue their focus, take care of business on Saturday against an interim-coached Illinois team, and see what bowl opportunities are in play afterwards.

Hopefully, we get to see Shane Simmons get some more run in his last home game after a great effort on Senior Day against the Spartans. This team has done so well turning the season around, they seem to be having fun again and it would be nice to see them get their reward for not giving up weeks ago, when it was so easy to do so.