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A Week in Wrestling

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One fanboy’s thoughts on the wrestling week that was and the ones that will be.

Cornell Coach Gabe Dean hugs his brother, Max, after he upset Ohio State’s Myles Martin in the 2019 National Semifinals.
Scott Pilutik
James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, via twitter

Atomic Habits is one of my favorite books and James Clear is one of my favorite twitter follows. When it comes to wrestling content, my reading (+ viewing + listening) appetite is voracious, and I am constantly filled with its wisdom.

In Quarantine Lyfe, wrestling’s growing body of content is exclusively online, which, we’ve all hopefully learned, requires its own practice of intermittent fasting. When I get to feeling strung out and successfully #log #off, the abstinence clears my mental digestive tract.

But of the three, writing about wrestling has been difficult for me. I’ve struggled to apply one of the core teachings of the great sport and of Clear’s book: consistent persistence. And my mind can feel the lack of exercise.

So in an effort to address that observation and to strengthen my mind’s ideas through the exercise of writing, I have channeled the teachings of the great Master Oogway and am embarking on that smallest of steps: a weekly wrestling links post!

Yesterday is History


2020 12 05 RTC Cup, Flowrestling, Titan Mercury Wrestling Club

This was a really cool Freestyle event, with a ton of great wrestlers competing.

2020 1205 RTC Cup final bracket, via Flo Areana

Final Standings & Prize Money:

  1. 1st Place: Cliff Keen WC ($50,000)
  2. 2nd Place: NJRTC/SERTC ($25,000)
  3. 3rd Place: Spartan Combat RTC ($15,000)
  4. 4th Place: Wolfpack WC ($7,500)
  5. 5th Place: Ohio RTC ($2,500)
  6. 6th Place: Gopher WC


Dual Criteria Ruleset, Flowrestling

Unlike folkstyle dual meets, team score does not come into play in UWW dual meet criteria unless both teams win an equal number of matches. So since the RTC Cup dual meets have 6 matches, any team that wins 4 or more matches will win the dual.

Simple, right? The problem is that many of these dual meets could end in 3-3 splits. That’s when team score, or “classification points” becomes a factor.

Taylor Miller, USAWrestling Recap

WrestleStat Recap & Rankings, on Rofkin (requires password, but not $)

The 2020 RTC Cup presented by TMWC was by all indications a huge success. There can certainly be some tweaks to make it even better but for the most part it was a great event and hopefully it will be around for years to come. Duals are exciting and judging by the talk on social media a lot of eyes were watching Friday and Saturday. Since I like to rank I decided to rank all wrestlers that competed in the RTC Cup and give you all the results for everyone that wrestled.

Wisconsin RTC Underground #2

Wiscy coaches Chris Bono, Jon Reader & Johnny Sebastian know a good thing when they see it, and they’ve borrowed & modified Cael Sanderson’s Nittany Lion Wrestling Club event & streaming model. On December 16, they hosted their second wrestling event, and it was headlined by WiscyRTC’s Seth Gross vs the NLWC’s Thomas Gilman. It was a brutal battle and an oddly-officiated match, that Gross won, 4-4 on Criteria.

Video Link (Rofkin password + $ required)


Gabe Dean on Baschamania Podcast

When the NCAA in September extended the recruiting dead period until January 1, 2021, Cornell Assistant Coach and 2x National Champion Gabe Dean decided to come out of retirement. He competed in and won the USAWrestling Senior Nationals on October 11, and then competed in Flowrestling’s $20,000 195-pound 8-man bracket on October 31, 2020. He was winning 8-0 when he got pinned by Taylor Lujan, and walked away with only the $1,000 entrance payment.

As he explained to Justin Basch on the November 27, 2020 episode of the Baschamania podcast, the plan at that time was to “wrestle in the Flo event, and then go right back to retirement.”

But then when the NCAA again extended the dead period on November 18, this time until April 15, 2021, Dean agreed to come to State College for a top-shelf matchup with 2018 World Champion David Taylor, in NLWC #3. There he fought Taylor to a closer-than-many-expected 6-2 loss, in which he had a legitimate chance to win late in the match.

So he talked it over with his family, and shortly after announced that he would compete in the 2021 Olympic Trials and make a sincere run toward the Olympics. Give it a listen. Dean’s an awesome ambassador for the sport and his telling of his story this fall is a good one.

IJagger on Stalemates Video Show

Zach Bogle is an Iowa State wrestling fan that came onto the wrestling internet this year—with a bang. He’s got cool video skills, a gentle demeanor and a fun attitude about wrestling content.

Jagger is a dude I met on twitter. He’s funny as hell.

Here, the two didth meet, and I really enjoyed their conversation about the recent wrestling “tea”. Hope you do too.


Stalemates twitter

Jagger twitter

Tomorrow is a Mystery


Tuesday, December 22, 2020, the NLWC is hosting Event #4. Matchup announcements are still trickling out, and we’ll have a preview next week, but here are the ones which have been released so far:

Early announced matchups for NLWC Event#4 on 12/22/2020

Today is a Gift (That is Why We Call it The Present)


FloWrestling 8-Man Challenge: 150 lbs

Flo is hosting another small-bracket cash tournament tonight (December 18, 2020). Payouts:

  • $1,000 for each entrant
  • 1st: $25,000
  • 2nd: $15,000
  • 3rd: $10,000
  • 4th: $5,000
2020 1218 8-man 150-pound bracket, via Flo Arena.

Flowrestling Event News Page


Every fan knows that as a sport grows and grows, a facilities arms race is often an evolute or impetus of that growth. In more Gabe Dean Fanboy News, today he shared a short video tour of the new Cornell wrestling facilities.

I invite feedback of all flavors. Please feel free to engage in the comments below or on twitter @JpPearson71.