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Penn State, Big Ten Unveil Phase 2 Of Scheduling

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The Nittany Lions return to the ice January 3rd.

Heather Weikel

Penn State was up to its old shenanigans.

After teasing a big announcement, the Nittany Lions Twitter account once again dropped a date for us.

Not long after, the announcement became official. Penn State and the rest of the Big Ten unveiled Phase 2 of its scheduling. The Nittany Lions will open the calendar year with a series at Michigan State on Jan. 3-4. They’ll return home against the Spartans on Jan. 15-16.

The Nittany Lions’ home finale comes against Minnesota on Feb. 26-27. They’ll travel to Notre Dame for their regular season finale on March 5-6.

To account for any possible postponements, the schedule includes a conference-wide bye week from March 12-14. Following that, the Big Ten Tournament will be held on March 18-20.

After starting the season with five consecutive losses, the Nittany Lions concluded the 2020 portion of their schedule with three-straight wins, including a pair of overtime victories against Arizona State.