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Big Ten Power Rankings - Week 9

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Hail to the king

Photo by Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

1. Ohio State

OSU looked rough against Northwestern, mustering just a 22-10 win over the Wildcats. Credit to the NW defense, and some very timely turnovers, but ultimately the Fightin’ Trey Sermons were too much. On to the playoffs for the Buckeyes, where they’ll once again get to play Clemson. Yay.

2. Indiana

Canceled due to COVID, sad that we won’t get to see #9WINDIANA once again. Yay COVID.

3. Iowa

Canceled due to COVID. Would have liked to have seen what the Hawkeyes would have done to the Wolverines. Alas.

4. Penn State

The Nittany Lions seemed to finally get well against the Illini, putting together a 56-21 drubbing. An exciting first quarter turned into a beatdown, and Penn State moved back into the upper tier of the conference.

5. Northwestern

If Northwestern had any actual offense, they might have taken down Ohio State. As it was, they pulled the Buckeyes down into the mud, and OSU just barely staggered out of the mud pit with the win.

6. Wisconsin

I would have liked for Penn State to take on either Minnesota or Wisconsin this past weekend, but I’m glad for history’s sake that those two got to play instead. The Badgers held onto Paul Bunyan’s Axe, defeating the Gophers 20-17 in overtime.

7. Minnesota

An overall solid season for Minnesota, but ultimately a forgettable one. They had the chance to punch up a bit against the Badgers, but couldn’t quite get there.

8. Maryland


9. Nebraska

The Cornhuskers emerged victorious from Piscataway with a 28-21 win over Rutgers, capping off another sub-.500 season for Big Red that they ABSOLUTELY HAD TO PLAY.

10. Michigan

Will Harbaugh stay or will he go? Time will tell, but I for one enjoy him on the sidelines in Ann Arbor. The two seem to belong together.

11. Purdue


12. Rutgers

Sure, the Scarlet Knights lost, but I thought they played well overall in Greg Schiano’s first year. They still need to bump up their recruiting, but they should be a bit more of an obstacle going forward.

13. Michigan State


14. Illinois

Nothing better than coming out guns blazing against a superior opponent and having some fun. Credit to the Illini players who were healthy enough to play on Saturday, because they gave it their all in an ultimately meaningless game in an ultimately meaningless season. Kudos where its due.

Happy little line time:

OSU, Indiana, and Iowa hang out at the top. Penn State climbs back into the top 4, while Northwestern drops a spot. Wisconsin rebounds, while Minnesota and Maryland dip. Nebraska finishes on a high note, while Michigan is in an uncertain place. Purdue, Rutgers, and Michigan State remain unchanged near the bottom.


Until 2021!