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MMQB - Where Does the Defense Need Help Next Year?

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The portal taketh, but can it giveth?

Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Let’s get right to it - where does Penn State need help on defense next year?

DEs Jayson Oweh, Shaka Toney, and Shane Simmons are gone. DT Antonio Shelton is portaling. Rumor mill is some players in the secondary may be portaling as well.

Personally, I think the secondary is more or less okay. There’s good CB depth between Tariq Castro-Fields (if he returns), Keaton Ellis, DaQuan Hardy, and Joey Porter, Jr. The safeties could be a bit questionable, especially if Jaquan Brisker doesn’t return, but I like Jonathan Sutherland, and recruiting has been decent in the back four.

LBs should be solid as well, with players like Brandon Smith, Brandon Jacobs, and Lance Dixon.

I think it’s the D line that needs the most help, and very specifically at defensive end. Right now it’s Adisa Isaac, Nick Tarburton, and ??? There are some young players but they’re still in development. Franklin and Co. need to hit the transfer portal hard.

What say you? Any other glaring needs for the defense? Or perhaps DE will be just fine and you can illuminate all of my errors?