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BSD Potpourri Vol 3: Block and Tackle

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Three sheave pulley block, 1826. Photo by SSPL/Getty Images

Merry Christmas, friends. Below are Film Room’s top 5(b) offensive performers from 2020. Probably they’ll each print and frame such a prestigious accolade.

  1. WR-X Jahan Dotson - Jahan spent his 2020 season creating an NFL Draft highlight reel. That he did it from the “X” spot, and not from the slot, probably made him some additional dollars. Jahan’s 52 receptions for 884 yards and 8 TDs in 9 games stands as the best “X” since Chris Godwin’s 2016 season (59 for 982 and 11 TDs in 14 games).
  2. OT Rasheed Walker - whatever Rasheed ate this year, feed it to the rest of the O-line. He was good at pass pro, but he was a 1200 lb grizzly bear on runs. Walker routinely launched DEs and DTs, all season long, and was the most dominant run blocker in Film Room’s memory.
  3. RG Will Fries - after four years of hard work at right tackle, Fries moved 24 inches to his left halfway through the season and came alive. If you’re looking for reasons to account for the shift from 0-5 to 4-0, this was a big one.
  4. TE Brenton Strange - he can run, he can jump, and he’s already our best blocking tight end since Mickey Shuler or Isaac Smolko - which is to say, a long time.
  5. RB Keyvonne Lee - he didn’t fumble, he didn’t get tired, he didn’t get injured, and - contrary to every freshman back in memory, including Saquon Barkley - Keyvonne never hit a wall. Keyvonne was the wall, toting the pill 70 times for 345 yards (4.92 avg) and 2 TDs after Thanksgiving.
  6. WR Parker Washington - not to kick dirt on washed-out 5-star receivers of PSU rosters past, but the too-short-and-too-slow-to-ever-be-a-5-star Washington does one thing way, way, way better than those unmentionables: he catches the ball when you throw it at him. What a great attribute for a receiver to have.

Block and Tackle

The idea behind this section you’re now reading was to juxtapose a twin sheave block and tackle, and principles of leverage, with the football terms in common usage. Moreover, our specific application would have included a twin sheave block and tackle lifting a 300 lb tractor tire into place on the rear axle of a 1950 Farmall Super A - all whilst noting that the foosball players competing at Lift For Life would be much better off using a block and tackle / leverage, rather than flipping them over, or fighting over dog chew toys, as they did under former Skrongth Coach Fitz.

Yada, yada, yada, it would have been mildly amusing and good clean fun for all. But our picture won’t upload correctly, and we’re out of time. So, to hell with it. Another thing ruined by the corona.