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TMPG - It’s a Good Time to be a Penn Stater

We good, y’all

Matthew OHaren-USA TODAY Sports

The football team just completed its third top 10 season in four years, including three New Year’s Six Bowls.

The basketball team is currently ranked #13 in the country, a force to be reckoned with both at home and on the road.

And that’s not all! Yesterday, Athletic Director Sandy Barbour put out a series of tweets in response to Barstool discussing the currently ranked Penn State athletic programs.

For those that can’t access the Tweets, here’s a list:

  • #9 Football
  • #13 Basketball
  • #9 Hockey
  • #2 Wrestling
  • #1 Lacrosse
  • #8 Women’s Volleyball
  • #10 Men’s Volleyball
  • #18 Women’s Soccer
  • #13 Men’s Soccer
  • #18 Women’s Cross Country
  • #4 Men’s Fencing
  • #6 Women’s Fencing
  • #6 Men’s Gymnastics
  • #23 Women’s Gymnastics
  • #14 Women’s Indoor Track

And Barbour even mentions that this list doesn’t include a few spring sports which are not currently reporting rankings!

Yes, it is a good time to be a Penn Stater. Football may be 6 months away, but there are plenty of other opportunities to come together and talk Penn State.

We Are!