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Midweek Musings - I Would Like a National Championship, Please

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

I was originally going to make this a “would you rather” article, and ask whether you’d like a championship in basketball or football. Obvious answer is both.

Then I was going to ask if you could only have one, which would it be. But a) that’s now how the world works, and b) that felt more than a little self-serving as I am more of a football fan than a basketball fan, and PSU is more of a football school than a basketball school, so asking such a question would more likely than not undermine the positive vibes the basketball team is currently putting out.

So I’ll switch instead to a simple statement: I would like a national championship (in basketball or football), please.

Yes, I am extremely spoiled with the wrestling team. Given that they are currently #3 in the country, them winning another natty is far from a given. The women’s volleyball team has multiple championships, the fencing team, the women’s rugby team, etc. are all tossing their championships at me right now.

And I’m super happy that there are teams at PSU that routinely go out and win it all!

But I want a national championship in one of the two big sports. The basketball team has never won one, and the football team last won one when I was 9 months old.

Currently 33 years of age, I feel that is more than long enough to wait for a national championship in the two big money-making sports, and I would like one please.

That is all. No pithy dialogue, no cutting down one good team to prop up another, no discussion on how many of your own children you would donate to get a natty. Just a simple statement: I want a national championship!