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Readers Choice Time!

Given the ongoing biological apocalypse and the end of all sports, we here at Sports Blog Nation and BSD are a tad content starved. So...

Rutgers v Penn State Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Sports are gone.

We’re not sure how they’re gone for. Maybe forever? But they’re definitely gone for now and we at BSD are very sad about that.

In addition to being sad about it, we’re also a bit confused. I mean, we’re a blog about Penn State sports and now there are no Penn State sports.

Sure, we’ve got some pretty cool content ideas that will come your way pretty soon, but who knows how long this will last and we have a full site to fill!

So our (Sports Blog) Nation turns its lonely eyes to you, the readers!

Our comments sections are, unquestionably, some of the best and most creative in the network and we know you have plenty to talk about. So we want to know what you want to read about on the site the next few weeks or so? Ideally it’ll be related to Penn State sports, but we’ll take anything that’s loosely tied, or even just related Penn State as a university at large.

What type of content would best help distract you from the fact that the entire world is suddenly just shutting down? Throw your ideas down in the comments and we’ll closely monitor them, turning the best ones into that sweet, sweet BSD content.