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Brandon Biro Signs Entry-Level NHL Contract With Buffalo

As he has done so many times on the ice, Biro leads the way in what should be a wave of signings for the team.

Photo by Heather Weikel

Former captain of the Penn State hockey team Brandon Biro will be skating at the professional level when play resumes. By putting his name on the 2-year entry level deal, he becomes the fifth Penn State player in program history to sign with the NHL.

That number should increase in the coming days and weeks as more former players find the right deal. Some of the top prospects were not drafted by the NHL, so they are free to shop for the best fit, which can be better in the end.

The Buffalo Sabres will get a four-year college player that entered just past the age of 18, so unlike many players that chose the NCAA route to the NHL, Biro is not very old for a player entering at his skill level and maturity.

Biro attended the Sabres’ development camp two years ago, they have had their eye on him for a while. He scored over 100 points at the college level but his game on both ends of the ice is solid. He and Denis Smirnov were the first two players to join the Lions as 18 year old freshmen, a trend that has continued since then as the quality of recruits continues to improve.

At just 155 pounds when he arrived, Biro was also one of the smallest players to step on the ice for Guy Gadowsky. He put on twenty pounds, enough for now to give him the body he needs to give the skills and mental side of the game a chance to shine.

With ten seniors on the team and a few more underclassmen that could sign professional contracts, as much as half of the team will be replaced by the fall. Thankfully, there is an abundance of talent in the pipeline. We may have announcements in the coming months of incoming players being drafted by the NHL before arriving in Hockey Valley.

This is the return of good news. It’s not surprising to see Biro lead the way.