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MMQB - Which of the NFL Entrants Could Your Team Use?

Some pro teams are going to get better in April

Photo by Andrew Dieb/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The NFL Combine is ongoing, with the PSU players doing their best to show off for scouts, and improve their draft stock for the NFL Draft in April. Some of the players up for the draft are:

  • DE Yetur Gross-Matos
  • LB Cam Brown
  • OG Steven Gonzalez
  • DT Robert Windsor
  • CB John Reid
  • WR KJ Hamler
  • LB Jan Johnson
  • S Garrett Taylor
  • P Blake Gillikin

MMQB asks - which of the PSU players that are eligible for the draft could your pro team most use?

For me, as a Giants fan, there are holes all over the roster. QB, RB, and even TE/WR are actually not terrible for the Gmen, but the OL is at best half-manned. On defense, DE, LB, and pretty much all of the secondary need help.

Based on this, I’d say that Gross-Matos would probably be the biggest boon, but I’d wager the Giants won’t take him at #4. If he’s still available early in the second round, I think they’d get a steal. If they could nab Steven Gonzalez in a later round, he would pair up with Will Hernandez on the interior and hopefully give Saquon Barkley a little more room in the back field.

Lastly, I’d love it if a heady player like John Reid could join the Giants. He unfortunately didn’t wow at the Combine, but he’s just an all around solid player.

What say you, which Penn Stater would most help your pro team?