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BSD Mailbag 3-27-2020

You asked, I answered!

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Journey is overrated. Why do people think they are “good?” Are they the same people who think invading Russia in the dead of winter is a good idea?

You ever read something - a book, an article, anything really - and the literal first sentence makes you want to punch through a windshield?

I’m actually taken aback that people consider Journey overrated - that is to say, I didn’t know Journey actually warranted a rating in the first place. Like, are people out there ranking bands from the 80s and 90s and routinely putting Journey in the top 5, when they should be closer to top 15, a la Notre Dame every year in the polls?

On the one hand, Don’t Stop Believing is overplayed. I will admit that, but even being overplayed, it’s a fantastic song. On the other hand, even if DSB isn’t your jam, I’d proffer up Separate Ways. If, from this day forward, you said I could only pick one song from Journey to listen to, it’d be Separate Ways. Straight banger, and I won’t hear any arguments otherwise.

Also: Do you go sock- shoe- sock- shoe or sock- sock- shoe- shoe? - Admiral Lord Nelson

What sort of animal goes walking around in the dead of winter without socks on? Are these the same people that walk around the house with filthy shoes on?

No, the proper way is to get dressed in the morning - socks included - then just before you leave the house, you put your shoes on. Y’know, like a civilized individual.

Started a new job recently.

The dress code previously was previously business attire (slacks & button downs). They recently changed it to be more casual (essentially wear what’s appropriate) which allows for jeans and in theory could even be more casual than that. There’s been some acceptance of the new dress code, but given that most people there have wardrobes full of business attire, not much has changed.

I’m coming from a job where jeans & t-shirts were the norm. My wardrobe has about 5 button downs, a couple suits, a couple of sweaters, and that’s about it. I’ve been able to get away so far with jeans and sweaters mostly, mixing in a couple button downs occasionally.

My question is what and how much new clothes should I be looking to get? Do I hold out with what I currently have and hope the dress code continues to decline, especially as we’re reaching summer? Do I suck it up and just get a bunch of business attire that I’m probably long overdue for? - Succss With Honor Always

Maybe it’s because I’ve always had to wear either a uniform or business casual, but I freaking love khakis and button downs.

So, here are the essentials as I see them:

  • 3-4 pairs of khakis - I suggest a couple shades of beige, navy blue, and a medium gray
  • 5-ish button downs
  • 5-ish polos
  • A smattering of sweaters

From your description, you’re already well on your way to at least a couple weeks’ worth of clothing. The above set of clothing will let you wear each pair of pants once per day, and if you stick with mostly neutral shirts and sweaters, you can mix and match so you basically never run out of combinations. Keeps you looking fresh, while also not having to add all that much to your current wardrobe.

I keep getting a “chorus error” when I try to log into SB Nation using a mac, but I’m able to log in via iPhone. Any clues as to why? - psualum9931

I’m far from tech support, but my thought would be to email That’s the official support account for all of SBN - if they can’t get you sorted out, no one can.

Is it wrong for me to fake CV exposure just to get quality time alone? - 48-14


So some of the questions in this here mailbag originated before the brunt of Covid-19 struck the US. As such I think many of us (myself included) were more than a little glib about the whole thing. I actually think it’s human nature to try to put some mental distance between yourself and bad things - and that’s fine! It’s a sound coping mechanism.

But yes, at this point if you’re faking exposure, it is indeed wrong. Especially when pretty much everyone should be at home anyway - stay safe everyone!

Will the Bills now win the division or will they Buffalo their way to second place?

Buffalo is one of those teams that I nothing. I don’t like them, I don’t dislike them. They’re just there. Of the teams in the AFC East, the Bills and the Dolphins are the least offensive to me as a Giants fan. So sure, you guys go on and win the division now that Brady is gone - I can’t say I’ll be rooting for you, but I’ll at least be happy the Pats don’t win it!

Will Antonio Brown ever play a regular season NFL snap again?

Gosh, what a fall from grace. I’m sure there’s some team out there stupid enough to take on such a head case - Las Vegas springs to mind - but it’s tough to see him being the star anywhere anymore.

Did the Houston Astros front office create COVID-19 to save their players from being beaned in every at-bat this season? lol Pitt.

That would actually be pretty next level evil if they somehow got someone over to Wuhan, genetically engineered a virus, and then released it in a wet market, with the hopes that it would ravage the world.

Which PSU defense of the past would have given Barkley the most trouble? - CraigSWI

2005 comes to mind, as does 1986. Any defense that could combine a solid defensive line with exceptional linebacking would be the way to shut down Barkley. Watching Barkley, his biggest burst came right after the DL, before making his way into the secondary. If there were elite linebackers at the second level, he wouldn’t have quite as easy of a time I don’t think.

What, if anything, do you plan to spend your govt $1000 bailout money on? - swift_retribution

Honestly, I’ll probably just sock it away for a rainy day. You never know when you’ll suddenly need essentials, or some assistance in paying bills. Just because my employment is secure right now doesn’t mean that will be the case in a few weeks or months. Once again, stay safe out there everyone!

Name three things that would’ve been more hilarious for there to have been a panic buy run on than toilet paper. - bearwithscarf

I really scratched my head on this one, but seriously what’s funnier than poop?

I say ban Cars next! 33,000 US deaths due to auto accidents in 2018 vs 100+ Bologna Virus. Let’s eliminate the real threat, make driving illegal NOW!! - ofboucke

For the life of me I just cannot understand this point of view.

Are cars dangerous? Highly. Do people die every year because of them? Certainly. Do they have literally anything to do with Covid-19? Absolutely not. So why do people bring up stuff like this any time anything else happens?

I’m sorry your life is being inconvenienced by the disease that’s currently killing people across the globe. I’m working from home, sitting in my kitchen, while the fam is in the next room with screaming and laughing and all sorts of interruptions. But it’s keeping me, them, and others safe.

Put another way - it’s estimated that up to 80% of the USA will get coronavirus at some point or other before all is said and done. That’s over 250 MILLION sick people. The fatality rate is somewhere around 1.5%. That’s 3.9 MILLION dead people. At 33,000 vehicle deaths per year, it would take over 115 years to equal the above death rate.

But sure, downplay it and continue to make false equivalencies. Hopefully a cure is discovered and distributed soon, and the impact is far less than the worst case scenario I laid out up above. I would legitimately much rather it be me proven wrong than you.

Will the baby boom that’s going to occur in December be called The Coronials? If you say OK, Boomer after that happens, will there be confusion about which age demo you’re being prejudicial against? - CraigSWI

Oh gosh I hope the Coronial thing sticks. I think I saw somewhere else - may even have been here on BSD - that 13 years after they’re born, Coronials would be referred to as Quaranteens and I am absolutely here for it.

Having my mom ship my old PS2 and NCAA 2006. Not a question. Just wanted to let yinz all know how excited I am to run shit on Dynasty Mode.

NCAA 2006 has to be the best version, right? Thoughts? - IronCityLion

Am I a bad person if I never got into football video games? The only football game I can ever remember playing was NFL Blitz on the N64. More realistic games just never did anything for me.

That being said, I’ve heard a lot of people say that NCAA 14 with updated rosters is supposed to be a lot of fun. So for the sake of stoking some fires, I’ll say NCAA 14 > NCAA 06.

How’s everyone enjoying Frozen 2?

I think it’s pretty good but it crosses into stage musical territory a little bit too much for my tastes. It’s “glam” at immersion breaking points. In Frozen, Elsa getting a new dress made sense during “Let It Go” because it was part of her transformation. In Frozen 2, she just gets a new pretty dress because that’s what happened in Frozen 1.

”The Next Right Thing” is her just Anna singing her feelings. I don’t like it. Again it would fit more on a broadway show than a Disney movie. I admit the line is blurred but it’s on the wrong side.

Overall it’s a solid movie though. - GSAPS

I think the movie itself is pretty good, though the songs themselves are kind of meh. Could not agree more on The Next Right Thing. Why is she singing by herself in a cave about being sad? Who has ever been completely depressed and thought to themselves “maybe singing about my woes will lift me out of my depression”?

I like that they tried to make the movie just a little bit more grown up and darker than the first one, with the parents dying, and the grandfather being a traitorous, murderous bastard. Yet my little one can still just have fun watching it.

More food for thought - is Into the Unknown a better song than Let It Go?

Let It Go hit you in the mouth over and over again, beating you into submission, making you sing the song with a smile on your face, even as tears streamed down your cheeks.

But Into the Unknown? I threw it away mentally the first time I heard it. No song as good as the first one! Then, lo and behold, I find myself humming it absentmindedly as I’m doing the dishes. Or whistling it while we’re out at the playground. It’s more of a slow poison than a physical beating - you can recover from the beating, but the poison works on you over time, until there’s nothing left of you but an Idina Menzel wannabe.