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Photo Of The Day: Lamont Wade Basks in the White Out Fog

We’ve got yet another awesome White Out photo for you.

Photo credit: Heather Weikel

We continue our series highlighting our wonderful photographer Heather Weikel’s favorite images from the 2019 football season. Give Heather a follow at @hweikelphoto on Twitter to see more of her work.

For the second day in a row, we’re highlighting a photo from the White Out victory over Michigan. This time, it’s a tremendous pregame shot of Lamont Wade licking his chops in anticipation of what’s about to go down, soaking in the atmosphere that is Beaver Stadium at night, surrounded by a sea of people wearing white, and ready to raise hell upon the visitors from Ann Arbor. What makes this photo even better is the fog covering up the crowd behind him, making Lamont looked possessed, like a still shot from a horror flick.

There’s probably no need for me to remind you how last year’s White Out game turned out, so I’ll just go ahead with my questions for you, Dear Reader:

Did you attend last year’s White Out? If so, how was your experience?

If you weren’t at Beaver Stadium, how did you watch the White Out?

Do you think this year’s White Out game will still happen (almost certainly against Ohio State on October 24th)?