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Photo of the Day: A Time to Unite

This is a time that in our day-to-day lives we need to put differences aside and unite (while socially distancing of course).

We continue our series highlighting our wonderful photographer Heather Weikel’s favorite images from the 2019 football season. Give Heather a follow at @hweikelphoto on Twitter to see more of her work.d

Our photo series moves on and today’s it’s my honor to select our photo of the day from our tremendous Heather Weikel. Picking just one photo is incredibly hard but that’s the rules, with that I selected a photo that I think goes along with our current times, not just in the United States but the world as well.

The photo I selected is senior linebacker Cam Brown running out onto the field while holding the American Flag against the Indiana Hoosiers this past season.

Beyond it being a simple but yet beautiful photo, I think it can help remind us that during this time, for the most part we need to put our differences aside and come together not just as a nation but as a world. People already have been doing so and that is wonderful to see but we need more people to do so as well.

We can still argue and bicker over politics, sports, and everything else at the same time but at the end of the day, we’re all fighting coronavirus in our own way and together. These surely are difficult and historical times that we are living in but in the past, the United States flag has stood for a symbol of unity, such as what we saw following the September 11th terror attacks. While it is a much different situation and circumstances, perhaps again we can come together as a nation and a world, as we continue this battle.

Thank you for giving this a quick read and myself along with the entirety of the BSD staff hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and are healthy. We also extend our deepest thanks and gratitude to all those fighting coronavirus on the front lines as well as our essential workers.