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Photo of the Day: Shaka Toney Continues to Terrorize Indiana

Throughout his Nittany Lion career defensive end Shaka Toney has terrorized the Indiana Hoosiers

Heather Weikel Photography

We continue our series highlighting our wonderful photographer Heather Weikel’s favorite images from the 2019 football season. Give Heather a follow at @hweikelphoto on Twitter to see more of her work.

If there is football in the fall, redshirt senior defensive end Shaka Toney will be one of the key players on what should be a strong Nittany Lion defensive unit. Today’s photo of the day, focuses on Toney.

Each of the past two seasons Penn State has had to work their butts off to defeat Indiana. A big reason the Nittany Lions were successful in each of these seasons was Toney, as he has solidified himself as a Hoosier killer in his career.

In last year’s 34-27 victory, Toney recorded a sack of Peyton Ramsey. That sack, and the look that Toney gives Ramsey, is today’s photo of the day.

This performance was nothing compared to what Toney did to the Hoosiers in 2018’s 33-28 Penn State victory. In that game Toney recorded 4 sacks and forced a fumble. An argument can be made that Toney was the reason Penn State won that game.

What say you, BSD family? How many sacks will Toney record against Indiana this year? 2? 5? 10? I’m sure Indiana head coach Tom Allen regularly has nightmares about Toney.

Here’s to hoping we get to watch Toney terrorize opposing quarterbacks, especially those in Indiana crimson and cream, this fall. Stay home and stay safe, friends.