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Photo of the Day: KJ Hamler Gets Deep

KJ racing past his defender for a long gain is an image we could all use to brighten up our Monday morning.

Heather Weikel

Here’s a vision that we just never could get enough of during the past two seasons. KJ Hamler getting an early step and racing past his defenders to have the ball drop over his shoulder as he raced into the end zone. Hamler was one of the best playmakers ever to don the blue and white, and a quick strike always seemed possible, and inevitable, with Hamler on the field. Hamler leaves some mighty big shoes behind as the Nittany Lions offense will search for its next playmaker to strike terror in Big Ten defenses.

Two questions to get us going this Monday morning - what was your favorite KJ Hamler play from his Penn State career? Which NFL offense would be the best fit for Hamler as he awaits his new destination?