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MMQB - Which Newest NFL Nittany Lion is Best Equipped for Success?

A whole gaggle of Nittany Lions found NFL homes over the weekend. Which one is the best fit?

Heather Weikel

As you all know, unless you’ve spent the last week under a rock, the NFL Draft took place this past week.

Thus, a number of former Penn State players now have new NFL homes. In total, five Penn State players were taken in this year’s draft, but several more went on to find homes as undrafted free agents. Below is a list of the former Nittany Lions as well as where they were taken and their new homes.

Yetur Gross-Matos - Round 2, Pick 38 - Carolina Panthers

KJ Hamler - Round 2, Pick 46 - Denver Broncos

John Reid - Round 4, Pick 141 - Houston Texans

Cam Brown - Round 6, Pick 183 - New York Giants

Robert Windsor - Round 6, Pick 193 - Indianapolis Colts

Steven Gonzalez - UDFA- Arizona Cardinals

Nick Bowers - UDFA - Las Vegas Raiders

Dan Chisena - UDFA - Minnesota Vikings

Garrett Taylor - UDFA - Buffallo Bills

Blake Gilikin - UDFA - New Orleans Saints

Jan Johnson - UDFA - Houston Texans

Given that list, our question to you is two-fold. First, which player do you think ended up in the best scenario following this year’s draft? And secondly, which player do you guys feel will end up having the best NFL career when it’s all said and done?