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Photo of the Day: Love

James Franklin sends a little love to you all in these trying times.

Heather Weikel/Black Shoe Diaries

We continue our series highlighting our wonderful photographer Heather Weikel’s favorite images from the 2019 football season. Give Heather a follow at @hweikelphoto on Twitter to see more of her work.

Our photo series continues with a break from the White Out. As amazing as it was, Penn State surely played other games this season, and this was one of them.

This photo comes from the Indiana game, where, at a certain point before or after the game, our very own James Franklin is sending a little lot fo the recipient. If you allow yourself to take a small trip down memory lane, this game ended up being a lot closer than anticipated, which Peyton Ramsey slinging the ball all over the place and keeping the Hoosiers within striking distance for most of the game. The Nittany Lions ultimately prevailed, but they had to sweat it out.

So, in the middle of this pandemic, James, I, and the rest of the BSD staff sends some love your way, hoping that you and your loved ones are staying safe!