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Return of the Mac: O’Keefe Will Return to Penn State Lacrosse for an Extra Year

Here’s some good PSU sports news to start off your weekend!

Heather Weikel

Penn State lacrosse received some very encouraging and morale-boosting news earlier today, when Mac O’Keefe, the senior attackman announced via his Twitter account, that he was returning to Happy Valley for the 2021 lacrosse season.

Mac came into the 2020 season already being the school’s all-time leading scorer with 164 goals, adding 22 more goals to that career total during the five games PSU played before their season was upended due to the coronavirus pandemic. He was the bake to assists-leader Grant Ament’s shake, finding himself set up numerous times by Ament to launch balls into the back of the opponent’s net.

While it is unfortunate that he will not have Grant to drop him dimes next season, Mac’s return for one more go-around could make the difference between PSU mustering up another title run and taking a step back towards more of a rebuilding season.

There are still a few other senior stars such as faceoff man Gerard Arceri, goalkeeper Colby Kneese, and attackman Dylan Foulds who have yet to announce their decisions. Perhaps seeing one of their fellow classmates decide to return could have a snowball effect in getting most, if not all, of these guys back together to try and finish the job that came to an abrupt end in 2020.