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Midweek Musings - How Does the 2020 Offense Shape Up?

Let’s talk about starz baby

Photo by Andrew Dieb/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We recently got a glimpse at the 2020 depth chart, and took a look last week at how close BSD’s prognostications were. But now let’s take a little bit deeper look at starz, statz, and what we could expect from the offense next season.


Left Tackle: *Rasheed Walker (6’6”, 320 lbs, 0.9676, RS SO), Des Holmes (6’5”, 322 lbs, 0.8488, RS JR)

Left Guard: Mike Miranda (6’3”, 301 lbs, 0.8747, RS JR), Sal Wormley (6’3”, 319 lbs, 0.9027, RS FR)

Center: *Michal Menet (6’4”, 302 lbs, 0.9818, RS SR), Juice Scruggs (6’3”, 297 lbs, 0.9118, RS SO)

Right Guard: *C.J. Thorpe (6’3”, 328 lbs, 0.9584, RS JR), Anthony Whigan (6’4”, 320 lbs, 0.9034, RS JR)

Right Tackle: *Will Fries (6’6”, 309 lbs, 0.8761, RS SR), Caedan Wallace (6’5”, 337 lbs, 0.9627, RS FR)

I think the first thing we should talk about is the returning starter factor. Four out of five returning starters on the OL is bananas. That the youngest returning starter is a redshirt sophomore is even crazier.

Second, let’s talk size. Them big boys up front are, well, big. Two 6-foot-6 tackles, no one shorter than 6’3”, no one under 300 lbs. That’s a lot of beef.

Third, starzzz. Three blue chippers starting, and of the two that aren’t, one is as fierce a run blocker as you could want, and the other is a 3-year starter.

Oh and for the backups? No one shorter than 6’3”, and the skinniest guy is a paltry 297 lbs. Oh, and as for starz, how about FOUR blue chippers? Yeah, I’m liking where the offensive line is.


QB: *Sean Clifford (6’2”, 219 lbs, 0.9223, RS JR), Will Levis (6’3”, 231 lbs, 0.8689, RS SO)

I like my quarterbacks tall, and 6’2 is a pretty tall dude I’d say. Pairing Clifford’s size are his pedigree as a 4-star recruit, and his experience, entering his 4th year of college. Will is even bigger, though not quite as refined as a passer. As we saw against OSU, he can be an excellent change-of-pace quarterback, and hopefully Kirk Ciarrocca can help in the passing game.


RB: *Journey Brown (5’11”, 216 lbs, 0.8472, RS JR), Noah Cain (5’10”, 223 lbs, 0.9568, SO), Devyn Ford (5’11”, 200 lbs, 0.9643, SO)

I feel a bit like Alabama right now, in that the backups appear to be better than the starter. Oh, but that starter? Ya know, he’s just the Pennsylvania state record holder in the 100 meter dash, and appears to have worked on his lower body strength, giving him the ability to shed arm tackles. Goosebumps.


TE: *Pat Freiermuth (6’5”, 259 lbs, 0.9149, JR), Zack Kuntz (6’7”, 254 lbs, 0.9377, RS SO)

I mean, are you serious? Mr. Moose could have worked his way into the first round of the NFL Draft this year, and is as prototypical of a tight end as you could want. He’s tall, he’s thicc, he can block, he can catch. And then there’s Mike Gesicki 2.0 Zack Kuntz, who has added some serious poundage to his frame and still looks lanky - oh, and he was also a higher rated recruit that Pat. Embarrassment of riches.


WR-X: Daniel George (6’2”, 210 lbs, 0.9049, RS SO), Cam Sullivan-Brown (6’0”, 193 lbs, 0.8640, RS JR)

WR-H: *Jahan Dotson (5’11”, 184 lbs, 0.9228, JR), Isaac Lutz (5’11”, 198 lbs, unrated, RS SR)

WR-Z: TJ Jones (6’1”, 200 lbs, 0.8750, RS FR), John Dunmore (6’1”, 191 lbs, 0.9469, RS FR)

Did I get the nomenclature right?

Let’s start with the starters. There’s good height on the outside, if not any 6’4” behemoths. The pedigree is there, as two-thirds of the starters are blue chippers, and there’s a good mix of experience. Given the issues that the receivers have had, I’m hopeful that the starters being just a touch on the young side will mean they’ll be fairly malleable clay. The backups are nothing to sneeze at either, though truthfully I’d be a bit surprised if Mr. Lutz is still the #2 guy come the start of the season.

Overall, the offense is going to be a very fun unit to watch. 8 starters return from last year’s team that came thisclose to going 11-1. 7 of those starters are former 4-star recruits, and 10 starters will be entering at least their third year in college. You don’t get much more skilled or experienced across an offense than that.

When you factor in the two-deep, a total of 15 blue chippers will be competing, meaning we won’t see a huge drop off once the starters step off the field for a breather.

This offense, especially under Rock, has a chance to be something special.