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Oh, Hello: NJ PF TaQuan Woodley Commits To Penn State Basketball

Tall men are arriving!

TaQuan Woodley, ladies and gentlemen!

The Skinny

Hometown: Camden, NJ
High School: Camden
Class: 2021
Position: PF
Height: 6-foot-7
Weight: 220 pounds.
Ranking: NR
Notable Offers: Rutgers, Temple, South Carolina, La Salle


The Tale

If you saw the last clip above, you may have noticed that TaQuan wanted to play in the Big Ten. And given who had offered to date, it was between Penn State and Rutgers. The Nittany Lions won this round. Woodley was poised to blow up in the AAU circuit this spring (and summer), but current circumstances prevent us from seeing him in competition, likely until fall.

Conventional wisdom dictates, however, that Woodley is one of the better prospects in the class. You can chalk this up as another instance of Pat Chambers getting in early on a promising prospect, which seems to be the strategy nowadays.


Penn State was in need of big men to replace the outgoing Lamar Stevens, especially next year, when both John Harrar and Trent Buttrick are due to graduate. Woodley could find himself filling a role of need right away carving a good chunk of minutes at onset.

The 2021 class has now officially started!

Welcome to Penn State, TaQuan!