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BSD Fantasy Draft Matchup: Chris vs. Lando

In the third matchup of our PSU B1G Era fantasy team playoff quarterfinals, Team Chris takes on Team Lando in a in a defensive battle.

In the third matchup of the BSD Fantasy Draft Matchup, we’ve got Team Chris vs Team Lando. Below you will find their two teams, followed by some thoughts on how each of them would approach this showdown.

Chris vs Lando

Position Chris Lando
Position Chris Lando
QB Kerry Collins Zac Mills
RB Evan Royster Tony Hunt
WR DaeSean Hamilton Bobby Engram
WR Chaz Powell Chafie Fields
TE Kyle Carter Tony Stewart
FLEX (W/R/T) Noah Cain Zach Zwinak
OL Kareem McKenzie Stefen Wisniewski
OL Rich Ohrnberger Charles Rush
OL Quinn Barham Chima Okoli
OL CJ Thorpe Connor McGovern
OL Garry Gilliam Miles Dieffenbach
DE Michael Haynes Courtney Brown
DT Jimmy Kennedy Jordan Hill
DT Jack Crawford DaQuan Jones
DE Brad Scioli Sean Stanley
LB Michael Mauti Sean Lee
LB Josh Hull Mac Morrison
LB Nathan Stupar Deryck Toles
CB Alan Zemaitis David Macklin
CB Tony Pittman Anthony King
S Kim Herring James Boyd
S Lydell Sargeant Chris Harrell
K/P Tyler Davis Jeremy Kapinos

Chris’ Game Plan:

Offensively, I’ve got the best quarterback in the draft, but my WR room is a bit lacking. The offensive line’s strengths are also chiefly predicated on the run, so expect a lot of two-back sets, and play action. I plan on using Evan Royster a lot, as he is a versatile running back with capable hands - he’ll be used on wheel routes and screens out of the backfield, and will line up in the slot a good bit as well. Noah Cain will be used more as a true running back, and in a more pro-style offense, will also be used as a leading blocker for Royster, a la a fullback (you’re welcome, Patrick).

While my receivers aren’t the best in the league, I like them against Lando’s secondary - realistically, I like them against most of the secondaries in the league, as PSU has NOT had the best run in the back four in the Big Ten era. David Macklin is no slouch, and James Boyd is a solid safety, but the other half of the secondary is questionable. Coupling the question marks in the secondary with Lando’s strength on the defensive line, I’ll rely heavily on Collins and let him use his QB skills to their max - let him diagnose the defense, and call whatever audibles he may need, trusting that he’ll make the correct decisions with a quickness.

Defensively, it seems as if my team was made to stop Lando’s. Zack Mills ran the option like a dang boss, and coupled with Hunt and Zwinak would make for an entertaining backfield. But I’m not sold on his offensive line, and my defensive line has some BEEF with Haynes, Kennedy, and Crawford. I’m going to rush four most of the time, and let the DL do its thing. Mauti-Hull-Stupar can share the load on any RPO action Mills and Co. get up to, bearing in mind that Tony Stewart is no slouch receiving either. Lastly - but certainly not least - I’ll let Zemaitis and Herring take care of Engram and Fields, while Pittman can come on corner blitzes with some regularity.

Overall I like my chances, but let’s see what Lando has to say about it.

Lando’s Game Plan:

Looking at my matchup against Chris, I’m taking a Giants v. Brady approach on defense and pressuring the heck out of Kerry Collins. It’s too bad I don’t have a dominant defensive end...Oh wait. I do.

Even if Courtney can’t pressure Collins often enough (C.J. Thorpe would be a great matchup for him), Sean Stanley’s speed, and DaQuan Jones’ physicality should create enough discomfort. Like other teams (not Chris’ ironically), my secondary is not fully stocked, but if necessary, I believe David Macklin can shut down Hamilton or Powell, while Anthony King should limit the other’s effectiveness. Since Ham made a lot of his money going over the middle, I have a solution for that: James Boyd. Royster out of the backfield? I think Mac Morrison and Sean Lee can slow him down.

Offensively, it’s an old school game of running the ball to set up the deep pass. Whether it’s straight handoffs to Hunt and Zwinak, or the option game with Mills, I would try to lull the defense to sleep before going over the top to Chafie or Bobby. Given the opposition’s strength and girth on the defensive line (hello Jimmy Kennedy), Tony Stewart would be a nice target in the middle of the field against the somewhat undersized Nate Stupar. I think he may also be able to handle Josh Hull (Not sure about Mike Mauti, though).

Overall, I think this is a close game, but Chris has a more balanced squad, and I think he would be able to minimize the deep ball thanks to his secondary talent. No matter what, this is a one-possession game in the fourth quarter.


Which team would win in a matchup of Team Chris and Team Lando?

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