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MMQB - Which Big Ten Stadium is on Your Bucket List?

Where would you like to watch Penn State play?

Photo by Lawrence Iles/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We all know that Beaver Stadium, especially during a White Out, is the best venue in all of college football. But that doesn’t mean other places aren’t fun as well.

MMQB asks: which Big Ten stadium is on your bucket list?

Which place would you like to visit, and see the atmosphere? How other fans tailgate, other teams’ traditions, cheers, etc.?

For me, if I could only visit one stadium, it would have to be Camp Randall. Wisconsin is a good team - perennial top 25, if not top 10 - and their fans are known to be raucous. A smaller crowd at 80,000, but still a bunch of noise. Add in some fun things like Jump Around, and I’d like to visit Madison sometime for a Penn State road game.

But what say you? Is it Nebraska and the red balloons? Iowa and the wave? Michigan and the weird quietness despite having the most seats in the country? Where would you like to visit?