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Only Cole Brevard Days Until Penn State Football

The countdown continues.

Cole Brevard is an incoming freshman from Carmel, Indiana. He chose Penn State over schools such as Clemson, Ohio State and Michigan to name a few, so at least the Lions won’t have to play against him in the coming years during Big Ten competition or the National Championship game.

The defensive tackle is listed at 6-foot-3 and 324 pounds but he wasn’t so big when he committed to play in Happy Valley. Two seasons ago he weighed 280 pounds. A little over a year ago, 14 months to be exact, he was listed at 6-foot-3 and 305 pounds, with expectations that he might be able to fill in physically before he takes the field. Well, he has filled in.

He is a one-technique tackle who may see playing time on a crowded defensive line early in his career. Lining up on one of the shoulders of the center and taking away one gap from the offense will be his specialty. Since he arrived on campus in January, that should make it easier for him to make an immediate impact. With the recent transfer of Damion Barber, his practice reps will be increased.

Brevard is a giant young man who has athletic ability to go with it. If he continues to grow at the rate that he has been for the past few years, he may become a two-technique tackle just by virtue of the fact that his body will occupy more than one gap with its amazing girth.

All jokes aside, this is a guy that we will be hearing about in the coming years. There are times when players, such as Yetur Gross-Matos, arrive on campus and have a ‘buzz’ surrounding them before they truly show their abilities on the field. The players in the locker room know what a teammate is capable of pretty quickly. Brevard will likely be that kind of player. If we don’t see him on the field much this season we will surely hear stories about his strength and mass during practice.

Just 95 more days until kickoff!