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Black Shoe Diaries Presents: The Great 2020 College Football Tour

If you could attend one game every week of this college football season, what would your ultimate schedule look like?

NCAA Football: Southern California at Brigham Young Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This Monday morning, we thought we’d bring you a fun exercise/game that we decided to play and that you can join in with if you wish.

The Backstory: Congratulations (Your Name), you are the winner of Black Shoe Diaries The Great 2020 College Football Tour sweepstakes! By winning these sweepstakes, you have been awarded to attend one college football game each of the 2020 regular season (week 0 through week 15, conference championship games not included). But before we get started, there are three rules to how you can create your schedule.

Rule No.1: The first rule is that you can only pick a team once. So for example, if you choose Ohio State vs. Oregon early in the season, you CANNOT choose Ohio State vs. Penn State later in the season.

Rule No.2: You must have one game on your schedule that is a Group of 5 program vs. another Group of 5 program. Any team that is independent and isn’t Notre Dame you can use as a Group of 5.

Rule No.3: You CANNOT look ahead in the schedule when determining which game each week. So if you’re looking for which game you’re gonna choose in week three, you cannot look ahead to the next week to see if either team in the game you are going to choose has a better game scheduled for the next week. Additionally, once you select a game, that game is in stone, you cannot change it. So choose wisely!

Now that you know the rules, you better get to work and start creating your schedule!

Hey everybody, well as you can tell, today and tomorrow we’ve decided to do a little bit of a fun game/exercise here at Black Shoe Diaries in our creation of the The Great 2020 College Football Tour. Today, we wanted to simply introduce the idea to you guys so you can start working on your own schedule if you wish.

Tomorrow, we’ll be posting our respective schedules with a bit of an explanation on how we came up with it. If you wish and we do encourage participation(!), you can share your own schedules and reasoning in the comments.

All in all, we hope this provides a nice, fun, and quick escape to the wonderful world of college football, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Now, get working on those schedules, I’m excited to see what you guys come up with tomorrow!