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Only Blake Gillikin Days Until Penn State Football

The countdown continues.

Blake Gillikin stabilized a punting position that had been a bit of an issue for the years prior to his arrival. Players such as Chris Gulla and Dan Pasquariello were great students and gave all that they had to the program, and have since moved on to successful careers in finance, but they were not scholarship-level athletes.

Gillikin was the first Penn State punter to be awarded a scholarship since the program was forced to play with fewer scholarships almost a decade ago. He earned it.

His career average of 43 yards was great and he never really had a bad season, with 42.2 yards per punt being his career low. He’s in New Orleans now and his big leg has already been noticed.

While he may need a break to make the team this year, or any NFL team, his talent is close enough that if he sticks with it, he will get a call some day. His early career may turn out to be similar to Sam Ficken, who took a while to catch on but finally played his first full season last year for the New York Jets.

No matter what happens, we’ll watch his progress.

93 more days until Penn State football!