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Only Dave Robinson Until Penn State Football

We’ve got an NFL Hall of Famer repping the countdown, today.

Super Bowl II - Green Bay Packers v Oakland Raiders

With nobody on the roster currently rocking a No. 89 jersey, we’re going into the wayback machine for today’s countdown post.

Long before “The Admiral” David Robinson was cementing his legacy as one of the greatest centers in NBA history, there was Dave Robinson, a star player for Penn State and later, the Green Bay Packers. From 1960-62, Robinson starred as a defensive end and offensive lineman, leading the team coached by Rip Engle and some young assistant named Joe Paterno to a 24-8 record during that time span, including back-to-back Gator Bowl bids, and a 9-1 season his senior year in 1962. Robinson also earned All-American status in that same 1962 season, parlaying that into being the 14th pick in the 1963 NFL Draft by the Packers.

As a Packer, Robinson was moved over to linebacker, where he enjoy a fruitful career, including partaking in the infamous “Ice Bowl” in 1967 at Lambeau Field, that saw the Packers beat the Cowboys in sub-zero temperatures to clinch the NFL championship and ultimately win the first-ever Super Bowl (it was the first of two Super Bowl rings Robinson would earn).

Robinson was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1997 and was later inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2013.