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MMQB - Who Will Lead in Tackles in 2020?

Besides the obvious of course

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Last week we looked at who might lead Penn State in receptions in 2020. This week we’ll discuss who is going to lead the Lions in tackles.

Here’s the thing: it’s going to be Micah Parsons. I know it, you know it, it’s just a fact of life. So this article is really going to ask: who will be #2 on the tackles list for 2020? Let’s discuss!

Shaka Toney

Shaka surprised a few people by opting to return for his senior year, and if he has the kind of season I think he will, he’ll shoot up the draft boards. The biggest detractor for Shaka may be his position - DEs get tackles, sure, but unless he blows up every play in the backfield, he may not have the stats of players at other positions.

Brandon Smith

Micah’s counterpart at outside linebacker, Smith is a heatseeking missile. Known for his crushing hit against Idaho which gave CJ Thorpe a near-death experience, Brandon is a former 5-star recruit who was tough to keep off the field in 2019. By virtue of his position, Smith will get to help out in both pass and run plays, and being at the second level of the defense, he’ll get the chance to react and flow to the ball.

Lamont Wade

Another player who decided to come back for his senior year, Lamont became a force in the secondary as the 2019 season went on. In particular he had a coming out party against OSU. Akin to Smith, Wade will be vital in both the pass and rush game, and should see his stats flourish.

The Field

Hyuck hyuck that Beaver Stadium turf gonna trip everyone up. Ya buncha ungrateful smart-asses.

For real though, the (second) leading tackler could come from anywhere. Players like Jayson Oweh, Ellis Brooks, Lance Dixon, Jesse Luketa, Tariq Castro-Fields, and Jaquan Brisker all come to mind.

What say you?