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James Franklin Appears on ESPN’S “Get Up!”

Amidst the chaos that is college football, James Franklin found his way onto the television this morning.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

As we all sit, wait, and wonder about what we’re going to do this fall if there’s no college football, James Franklin decided to take to the television this morning.

Franklin appeared on the ESPN morning show “Get Up!” to speak on the current situation surrounding his team, his conference, and college football as a whole with university presidents reportedly scheduled to meet at 10:30 ET this morning to discuss a course of action.

Franklin reiterated much of what he said in a statement released on Twitter on Monday evening.

On what he feels the program would or should do if the Big Ten does opt to cancel, he said the following:

“If we can push the season back, the feedback I’ve gotten from our parents and players is to explore options. I have responsibility to parents and players to exhaust every opportunity out there.”

Franklin also said that if the season were pushed to the Spring, teams could use the domes in Minneapolis, Indianapolis and Detroit.

He added that everyone in the program was last tested on Monday, with camp having started on Friday.