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BSD Roundtable: Adopting an ACC, Big 12, and/or SEC Program

Mississippi State v Mississippi Photo by Matthew Sharpe/Getty Images

With no Penn State football this fall, it means we are left with no team that will force us into a pit of rage and make us scream “GET OFF THE FIELD!!!” every forsaken third and long, I mean goodness gracious Brent Pry does the defense even practice going against screens??? to root for. Fortunately, college football isn’t completely cancelled (yet??) as the ACC, Big 12, and SEC are going to give it go.

So that raises the question: Which ACC, Big 12, and/or SEC program are you going to adopt this fall?


ACC: Louisville or Duke. I got my master’s from Louisville, plus Scott Satterfield is a fun coach and I wouldn’t mind him coming to PSU some day. My wife got her second degree from Duke, and while not football-related, Coach K is a national treasure.

Big 12: Oklahoma State. A) I have ties there from when I was in Oklahoma, and B) they remind me of PSU - if Oklahoma and Texas are to the Big 12 what OSU and Michigan are to the Big 10, then I think OK State fits nicely as a PSU comparison. Good team, some great years, but no matter what happens, is somehow still in the shadow of the other two.


ACC: Give me Virginia Tech. As a kid Michael Vick was my favorite football player not named Randy Moss, and I was a bit of a Hokie fan in addition to being a Nittany Lion fan growing up.

Big 12: I’ll go Kansas. I know they’ll suck, but Les Miles is entertaining. Plus, the rock chalk chant is fun.

SEC: This one is tough, because I loathe most of the SEC. Especially after JoMo was prematurely run out of town in Stark Vegas. But Ole Miss will be either awesome or a disaster with the Lane Train in charge. So... go Rebs!


SEC: WAR EAGLE! Auburn has long been my SEC team going back to the ‘90s. They felt like the southern version of Penn State at that time- a perennial stingy defense, an offense that left a lot to be desired, and the ability to put it all together every few years for a national title run with plenty of Outback/Citrus bowls in betwen. I’m not really sure why, but I developed an interest in the Auburn-LSU series and the Iron Bowl long before tey became marquee match-ups that they are today. And if you regularly watch a rivalry game, you have to pick sides, even as a casual fan. I also enjoy watching Texas A&M games at Kyle Field, although I haven’t been as much of a fan since a certain quarterback soured me on the program before setting my favorite NFL team back a decade.

Big 12: Here’s the thing about the Big 12- I’ll watch pretty much any game that doesn’t involve Kansas. Sure, Oklahoma is the dominant program by a mile, but the others are all entertaining teams that are mostly even, usually creating the potential for a boatload of fantastic games. My team was Kansas State, but I’ve been a free agent and usually pick a team each September since Bill Snyder retired.

ACC: Historically, it’s been Georgia Tech. Before they last few years, they were a fun team to watch with the triple-option and good enough to pull off a massive upset here and there. But I’ll admit I haven’t paid as much attention with a lack of marquee games the last few seasons. My current ACC team is Louisville. Although I have never been much of a fan, Scott Satterfield has won me over for fielding tough teams that always play beyond their ability with an entertaining offense that keeps defenses on their toes.


Boise State is my usual “other” college football team, but with the Mountain West also not playing this fall, I was truly able to deep dive into fandom free agency. If you follow me on Twitter, you would know I had a final five of Auburn, Florida State, Kansas State, NC State, and Notre Dame.

Since then, I narrowed it down to two programs: Notre Dame and Auburn.

Notre Dame: People are legitimately upset with me that I’m considering Notre Dame, but here’s the thing: I’m Irish, I’m insufferable, and I’ve never been to South Bend. I am a perfect fit for that fan base.

Auburn: I’ve always rooted against the SEC so I don’t really have an SEC “team” but my heart is telling me Auburn might be the one. Plus, they have the most underrated tradition in college sports — the “Reverse Rammer Jammer” when they beat Alabama.

Straight savagery.

Which program will I ultimately select? I don’t know yet, but I can promise you this: I’m going to follow my heart.