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BSD Roundtable: What Song Reminds You of Penn State Football?

2013 Summer TCA Tour - Day 13 Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The BSD Staff gathered for a Friday Roundtable to discuss: what *song reminds you of Penn State football?

*Obviously, this doesn’t include Blue Band songs like “Hail to the Lion” or “Fight on State”


I’ll go with Two Steps From Hell’s “Heart of Courage.”

It gets used in a ton of pump-up videos every preseason, and just gets me jacked up. Every time it’s played, I can almost hear Steve Jones or Fran Fisher’s play-by-play over the music.

Honorable Mention to “In the Air Tonight,” which also is tied to Penn State football for me.


Zombie Nation is the obvious choice, I was a student when it was popularized. Seven Nation Army goes in the same category, heartening to a time when the White Out was just fledging, before it became a national spectacle.

Honorable mention to Sweet Caroline and Hey Baby as well! Love those two.


Suite: Judy Blue Eyes by Crosby, Still & Nash

This song is tied to a very specific and delightful memory for me. I was at Champs after the 2005 Wisconsin game, when Penn State beat down the Badgers to make the path to the eventual Big Ten championship much more clear. I was already in a fantastic mood from the game, which only improved after a couple beers and whatever giant greasy sandwich I was consuming. Suite: Judy Blue eyes came on, and it was one of those moments when you hear the perfect song at the perfect time. I just remember taking a moment to look around and soak everything in as I was surrounded by blue-and-white clad faithful who were all grinning from ear-to-ear and enjoying the moment. It was a great memory from a magical season that always comes back to me when I hear this song.


My song is ‘Baby Blue’ by Badfinger.

Just listen to the lyrics, “I guess I got what I deserved,” that’s applicable since we can never, ever have nice things. “That special love I have for you,” that certainly sums up how I feel about the Blue and White. I have stated before that next to my wife, children and father, there may be nothing in the world I love more than Penn State football. Plus, the obvious, the inclusion of the word blue in the title and throughout the lyrics.


“Pinball Wizard” by The Who.

For the first several years I attended PSU games as a kid growing up, this was the song I recall the Blue Band playing the most. I only realized inadvertently it was a Who song from the 70’s when I watched one of my friend’s bands play it in our high school talent show.

It’s been many years I think, since the Blue Band last played Pinball Wizard, but if they ever want to give me a stroke of childhood nostalgia, they can go ahead and bring it back.


“Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey

I probably heard this song on the radio as a kid, but man, for as long as I can remember, this song has always reminded me of being in State College. Whether it’s in the stadium or outside in the tailgating lots, you’re going to hear Journey blasting on Saturdays in the fall.